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You can book a consultation now through the following link,

This is a no risk consultation. If we decide we are not the best resource for you, your fee will be refunded. If we decide to work together, your consultation fee will be applied to your Matchmaking program.

Our team regularly posts informative content on the Lyons Elite blog. You can also head on over to our Facebook page where you’ll find updates on all things dating and attraction.

You are always welcome to call us at 647-243-6861. We love speaking with our clients!

It’s simple: you are able to add different options in your package. If you have added a hold period to your package, then you are certainly welcome to use this time to pursue a relationship with a match. We love accommodating our clients, so let us know what your needs are when choosing a package!

Sometimes our clients find that it’s necessary to put their package contract on hold – they have an assignment overseas, they’re taking a vacation, and so on. If you anticipate this possibility, we can work this into your package so that you can “pause” matchmaking activities for a given interval of time.

Upon submitting your application, you should hear from us in 24 hours. If you still have not received an email, be sure to check your spam folder. Otherwise, please immediately call us at 647-243-6861 or email us at

You have a far greater chance of getting more matches if your profile has a photo. We very strongly encourage you to add a photo to your profile.

We also suggest you send in a fairly recent photo of yourself!


Absolutely – in fact, you are encouraged to regularly update your profile. If you move to another location, or change your profession, get a new hobby, and so on – all of this is advised to go on your profile so the most up-to-date information is available to our matchmaking team.

Great question! To join, simply click here (for men): For Men – Lyons Elite Application. One of our elite matchmakers will process your application within 24 hours and initiate contact with you.

For women joining Lyons Elite, just click here: For Women – Lyons Elite Application.

After finding you a suitable match, we will create a brief about the match and send it to you via email. In the brief you will find a custom-made overview of the match, along with recent photos. The brief includes the following:

  • Educational and professional background and current activities
  • Lifestyle and personal interests
  • Religious and political leanings
  • What the match desires in a new relationship

In addition, the matchmaker will include a private, personal overview of the match’s personality type, physical look, demeanor, and so on. We want you to feel completely confident when meeting your match for the first time, so we are very sure to include detailed information about your match beforehand.

Of course, this depends on what your preferences are. Every man’s preferences are unique, original, and different, and we successfully find women who meet the desired standards.

It is important to highlight that our primary objective is arranging quality matches for you, instead of simply arranging a large number of dates. Each match will be of a very high caliber – just right for the man who expects nothing less than excellence.

Absolutely. All the women in our database are screened for a variety of factors, including the attributes and character traits deemed most relevant to successful men looking for love. We pride ourselves on having an impressive rolodex of some of the most beautiful and intelligent women you’ll ever find in Canada.

Yes. Lyons Elite is not for everyone. Only individuals who pass our screening and filtering process with flying colors are allowed into the Lyons Elite program.

This is part of what allows us to deliver extraordinary benefits to both our clients and the women in our rolodex. Our screening process is carried out for two reasons: (1) to guarantee the safety of all the individuals who have joined Lyons Elite, and (2) to maximize the number of truly high-caliber men and women we work with.

You are more than welcome to contact us if you have any further questions regarding our screening process!

The privacy and confidentiality of all our clients is extremely important to us; it is the cornerstone of our service. All of your information is be completely confidential, and we share relevant information about you with your matches only with your consent.

Your personal information is for internal use only, and is never sold or rented out to other companies of any kind. We keep your information strictly confidential, and fully understand the desire for discretion by many of our clients who lead otherwise highly public lives.

If you have any concerns or questions regarding the protection of your privacy, call us at 647-243-6861 or email us at We will be happy to address any concerns you may have.

Our primary market is Toronto (and surrounding areas) and New York City. If you’re not sure whether you’re in an area we offer our services, just ask us!

Lyons Elite gets you the results you want, and our client testimonials testify to that. The reason for this is simple:

(1) Lyons Elite has strong connections with its sister company, Femme Fatale Media Group – an upscale, award-winning model agency. This means that our database consists solely of very high-caliber and highly gorgeous women with personality traits you’ll love.

(2) We offer an exceptional suite of services in our packages, including image consulting sessions (so you feel extra-confident on your next hot date), pre-arranged dates, photo shoots, and hand-selected matches. That last point is especially important: all of your matches are personally picked by our expert matchmakers – ensuring the best possible matches and minimizing the amount of time you spend looking for love.

For more reasons to choose Lyons Elite, see Why Book with Lyons Elite?