Elite Matchmaker Emily Lyons

Founder & CEO,

Emily Lyons

Our founder is Emily Lyons, who also serves as CEO of the award-winning event staffing and modelling agency Femme Fatale Media Group and clean beauty corporation, True Glue Beauty. Emily is known for her ability to find the perfect harmonious blend of beauty, heart and brains. Over the years, her high-end event staffing and marketing agency clients have consistently approached her, imploring her to spearhead a high-end dating service. In 2014 Emily’s expertise ventured boldly into the world of dating with the official launch of Lyons Elite. The end result is a dating service that offers elite clients the very best services available.

“Lyons Elite exists to help people connect with their perfect match and feel supported and empowered in the process. “

Matchmaker Kristen

Agency director,
Kristen SAXTON
Coming from a career at Bloomberg, Kristen knows what it’s like to be surrounded by successful individuals. Working in a variety of industries from finance to make-up artistry. As different as these careers were, there was one thing that they all had in common; her clear ability to understand, connect and bring people together.

Matchmaker Suezan

Suezan soper

Taylor matchmaker

Taylor Rawlings
Being an extremely extroverted go-getter with a passion for people, Taylor has a true dedication for helping others. She encompasses a very high level of emotional intelligence, as well all the necessary tactics needed to build and foster lifelong relationships. A lover of love, Taylor goes above and beyond when it comes to helping our clients find their perfect match and always strives to create authentic, passionate, diverse connections.

Camille Dorsey

Senior Relationship Manager,
Camille Dorsey
Camille Dorsey is a Business Development Strategist who has a huge passion for bringing people together. Born and raised in Toronto, as a young girl Camille always had the passion and desire to help people and to help change the world in any way she could.

By accident – or most would call it fate – she fell into the Matchmaking Industry and right away she knew this was her calling and her dream job. “Helping people find love is one of the most rewarding careers on the planet because it’s something everyone needs and deserves,” says Camille. Helping change people’s lives for the better is something Camille feels she was destined to do. When she was 23, Camille’s best friend – her Mother – passed away to a terminal illness that would change her life forever. “Life is too short and too precious and nothing should ever be taken for granted,” says Camille who’s become a strong independent woman at a young age.

Matchmaking Photographer

Agency Photographer
Anthony D’elia
Anthony helps our clients look their absolutely best! Some of Anthony’s previous clients include Brandy Melville, PC Financial, various apparel brands, swimwear brands, and modelling agencies. His work has also been published in Glamour Bulgaria Magazine, Panoram Italia Magazine, Magnifissance Magazine, Lions Magazine, Elegant Magazine, Eloque Magazine, and Volant Magazine.

Rachel Frim - Matchmaking Agency Team

Executive Assistant
Rachel Frim

Matchmaker NYC & Toronto

Event & Staffing Director
Kirsten Visima