Your Practical Guide to Flirting – from Lyons Elite, Your Toronto & NYC Luxury Matchmaker

It does not matter if you are finding the perfect, charming woman through a matchmaking service like Toronto and NYC based Lyons Elite – or if you are interested in dating someone you know. Either way, having an effective flirting “game” dramatically elevates your social standing – and gives you the enviable ability to attract the woman of your choosing to you.

This all makes sense, and happily for you, I’ve spent some time carefully looking into the best ways to flirt effectively. Over the weekend, I let my observations simmer in the back of my mind before writing out this practical guide for all you successful, striving men who would like to up your flirting prowess. Believe me – people will love you all the more for your flirting abilities!

So let me start with this gem…

Your physical looks don’t matter as much as your confidence.

That is important to keep in mind. You might be the most ambitious, self-assured go-getter in Toronto when it comes to business and other matters. But let this confidence flow into your dating life, too, and you’ll be surprised at just how far confidence takes you in wooing someone you are attracted to. And how do you signal confidence and availability?

Through eye contact and smiling.

In truth, these are the most universal forms of flirting. It works regardless of your gender. A psychologist, Dr. Monica Moore, discovered that men who are successful at flirting direct more brief glances at the woman of interest than those who are less successful when it comes to flirting. See someone you’re interested in? Don’t be shy to throw some confident glances in her direction.

There is another kind of flirting that is exceptionally potent when used at the right time: touching.

Here’s a brief breakdown on the kinds of touching deemed flirtatious, from most to least:

(1) Soft, gentle face touching using your hand.

(2) Touching the shoulder or waist.

(3) Shoulder tapping.

(4) Handshake.

Then there’s your attitude. This ties in to confidence, but your attitude – the air you have about you – is important so read this tip:

Subtly establish that usually you’re “hard to get” – but this time you’re very excited about the person you’re with.

Here’s why this works: by conveying the idea that you’re hard to get, you’re basically saying that you’re a scarce resource and thus worth having. But – and here’s the key part – also show that you’re enthusiastic about the person you’re interacting with. This will make them feel extra special and make them want you more.

There are other practical tips you can use to flirt effectively. You can find many of them with a quick web search – for example, you should be the one who fields questions to the other person instead of always talking about yourself. But there are some really practical tips that are harder to find, which I’ve written down here:

(1) Want to get someone’s number or get them to say “yes” when you ask them to dance? Then lightly touch them on the forearm when asking them. This dramatically increases the chances of her saying “yes” or giving you her number.

(2) Don’t use canned pick up lines that try to be funny. If you have to use a pickup line, don’t use a canned, cheesy one. Instead, try to go for an honest, direct one: “You seem interesting – I’d like to get to know you a bit better.”

(3) More on pick up lines: if the woman you are interested in is more interested in a relationship, then an “innocent” pick up line is better than one that attempts to be funny. But if she’s looking for something more physical, then the kind of pickup line doesn’t really matter. Interesting, isn’t it?

(4) It would be a good idea to keep this in mind: the fact of the matter is that people (both men and women) tend to think that they are flirting more than they really are. It’s an interesting psychological “bias” that people have, so the way around it is to actually flirt more – even if you think you are sending out enough flirtatious signals.

And there you have it. Whether you’ve got a matchmaker in Toronto or New York City who’s found you the perfect, gorgeous woman – or you’re at some high-end milieu where there is no shortage of lovely ladies, it really would be great for your social status if you knew how to flirt like a Casanova.

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