You Aren’t Rich Until You Have Something You Can’t Buy

You Aren’t Rich Until You Have Something You Can’t Buy

Many of you reading this are, undoubtedly, very monetarily successful. You have used your own unique blend of talents and energy – experience and drive – to climb up the ladder of success. You star has been in the ascendency, as many will attest. And others around you probably wish they had the things you have. That they could do the things you do. That, like you, they were rich.

But I want to add a different “twist” to what it means to be rich in a complete sense. At the end of the day, you’re not wholly and completely rich until you have something money can’t buy.

Working hard, making the most effective use of your time, and using your smarts to gain financial success is very admirable – most people in our present society are content with living “standard lives” instead of throwing their body, mind, and souls into the pursuit of outstanding achievement. Only a few have the drive – the attitude of not being content with a “standard life” – and those few do remarkable things.

But there is more to riches than dollars. What, for example, is the point of building a million dollar empire if there is no one to share it with? No love of your life.

Riches – true wealth – is also about investing in your own true, authentic happiness. Much of happiness, of course, comes from within. But often it takes another individual to see and believe in our own “beautifulness” – to see through the masks each of us wear – in order for us to see for ourselves that we really are magnificent.

At first blush, this may appear to be the pandering of an insufferable romantic. But think about it – what if you had a cheerleader in your corner….a gorgeous woman who not only lauds your success but also deeply cares about your well-being and loves you for you? Wouldn’t that be something grand in your life? Wouldn’t that be someone worth investing in?

Then you would have something money can’t buy. Then the doorway to true happiness and a sense of wholeness will be opened more widely.

And, fortunately, finding a lovely, intelligent, and fun woman does not need to be hard. Of course –  you who have conquered some of the greatest trials life has thrown at you – are not afraid of hard work. So let me add this, as well: finding that gorgeous woman for your life does not need to take much time, either. In fact, we at Lyons Elite Luxury Matchmaking make it very easy and very time-optimal for you – we find you the ideal match and we are here to help with making your “dream love life” come true.

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