Why Now (Surprisingly!) Is The Best Time To Find Love.

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2020 has been a year straight out of a Hollywood movie; its been some sort of mix between psychological thriller and horror film – massive fires, a global pandemic, riots and general political and personal chaos. It has profoundly affected many businesses, and matchmaking is no different, however not in the way many might think.

“Being successful is wonderful, however if you have no one to share it with, it can ultimately seem pointless.”

We, as well as many of our matchmaking colleagues, have never been busier with an influx of new clients daily. This might surprise a lot of people, especially with the financial investment matchmaking requires. However with all of this uncertainty, it has put the focus back on what truly matters – love and family. With isolation comes loneliness, so finding someone is more important than ever for most. Being successful is wonderful, however if you have no one to share it with, it can ultimately seem pointless.

So here we are breaking down the top reasons why right now is the perfect time to find love!

1. The Focus Is Back On What Matters:

When it comes down to it, monetary successes and businesses can be gone before you can say Covid-19. We often put so much emphasis on financial achievements and forget about the true meaning of life: love! But because of the pandemic, bars and events are no longer a viable way to date. So how do you meet someone phenomenal? Enter elite matchmakers (hello!).

2. Dating Is Easier Than Ever:

Despite the social restraints, dating has also become easier for many. With everyone having a shared common ground, conversations are easier to start.

3. More Availability:

People are also much more responsive, with fewer obligations and distractions going on around them, and many are craving the social interactions dating brings (even if its just chatting over text).

4. Open To Love:

People just generally seem to be more open and honest, laying their cards on the table and communicating more freely.

So use this valuable time well, invest in finding Your Person and let our talented matchmakers help you. Sign up today!

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