5 Amazing Accessories for the Wealthy Bachelor Who Wants to Dazzle His Date


5 Amazing Accessories for the Wealthy Bachelor Who Wants to Dazzle His Date

There are many ways to impress that sexy, charming woman you have your eye on. You could, for instance, silently convey to her that you’re confident, intelligent, and strategic. Often, in fact, no words need to be spoken to impress a woman. Instead, dazzling your date comes from the proper mindset – the right frame. The frame of mind where you know that you are enough and that you are the prize. You can acquire this proper mind frame with relative ease if you have the right dating coach and consultant. The best luxury matchmaking services, such as Lyons Elite, often provide such coaching.

But, of course, there are other ways to dazzle your date. And, fortunately, to achieve that objective you don’t need to learn any special skills. Simply have a unique, sensible, and sublime taste in all things – be it food or wine or fashion or décor for your place of residence. We’ve looked into a number of “accessories” that could dazzle your date when you invite her over to your place, and here are 7 of our favorite picks. Take a look!

1.Cocktail kits from Bartisanal. The successful bachelor should be a master of wining and dining his guests – particularly those attractive ones he invites over to his place. That’s where Bartisanal comes in. They provide cocktail kits that contain all the necessary ingredients, tools, and recipes for creating some rather exotic, delicious cocktails. Cocktail kits include everything that’s needed to craft a delightful Tanteo jalapeño margaritas, Bloody Marias, gin mules, Woodford rye, and more. She’ll be impressed with your cocktail-crafting savvy.

2. Mouth-watering home-cooked meals from HelloFresh. By subscribing to HelloFresh, you’re entitled to a box filled with farm-fresh ingredients and the tastiest recipes so you can easily put together a chef-worthy home-cooked meal. With prime chops to garden-plucked tomatoes, the recipes in the HelloFresh box have been carefully created by stellar restaurants such as Momofuku, created by master chef  David Chang, and the award-winning Eleven Madison Park, of New York City fame.

3. Yes, a jellyfish aquarium. It’s striking. You can acquire a jellyfish aquarium from Jellyfish Art. This is a small, portable aquarium that contains up to 3 real, live jellyfish that glow under the soft iridescence of changing LED lights. Not your ordinary accessory, but one that will certainly capture her attention. It makes an interesting conversation piece, too. Now there will be little doubt that that stunning model you’re dating will have her curiosity piqued.

4. Fragrance for your night out. Hailed as “The feeling of freshness and strength of a mountain waterfall,” L’eau D’issey Pour Homme is an exceptionally fine fragrance for men from Issey Miyake Parfums. Blending scents of wood, spice, leather, and zest, this is a classy fragrance that’s perfect for you to dab on before you meet up with that gorgeous model you’re dating.

5. Enjoy tequila shots with her…with shot glasses made out of salt. There’s this company that goes by the name of Black Tai Salt Co. And they have crafted Himalayan salt (salt that’s been mined from the rocks of the Himalayan mountains in Asia) into actual shot glasses. These salt shot glasses are incredibly unique, and will certainly bring up some lively, engaging conversation.

There are many other striking accessories out there that will dazzle your date.  But, if you’re looking to date a model, an excellent way is through an elite matchmaking service.
Lyons Elite is an Exclusive Matchmaking Service in Toronto Where the Successful Come to Find Their Perfect Match. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at info@lyonselite.com.

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