Vaccinated Versus Unvaccinated: Can They Really Date?

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So you’re a vaccinated person and someone is asking you out on a date. What do you say? Should you be asking if they’re vaccinated as well? Is it okay to go on the date with them if they aren’t?

Dating is hard already, but the pandemic and vaccines have added a whole other layer to it. It’s not just safety, but the politics, that go behind the decision on whether or not to vaccinate against Covid-19. This blog post will discuss these questions and more.

A new question our team has been getting lately is, “Can I go on a date with an unvaccinated person if I am vaccinated?” The short answer is: it depends. Only you can decide what you’re comfortable with.

You might have a few concerns about dating someone who is not vaccinated against Covid-19, such as:

*What if they get sick?

*Would I still be protected by my vaccine as well?

*Are they anti vaccine and do our values match?

*Are we a risk to one another if I get sick and my vaccine isn’t effective anymore due to the virus wearing off or not being as strong against Covid-19 strains?

*Can we still get close to one another without getting sick?

Unfortunately, we just don’t know the answers. Things are changing all the time, and new strains are popping up. We have found the best course of action is it to take normal safety precautions recommended by the professionals, and to always be honest and upfront with where you stand and why.

This could mean doing first initial dates via face-time or zoom, second dates outdoors like a walk or lunch on a patio, and even doing rapid testing before spending significant time together. However you feel, don’t ever depend on someone else to be responsible for your safety.

We always recommend to err on the side of caution, and prefer to be safer than ever. Keep in mind simple things can keep you and your dates safe. Its a new world we are all navigating right now, and they probably have the same concerns you do. Just remember to always be respectful and sensitive of the other person’s feelings, needs and choices. Try to remember to always go into these situations with an open mind and heart.

Deciding whether or not you vaccinate is a discussion to have like anything else that is important to you. When getting to know someone all of these things should come up at some point.

A discussion around their political views with vaccines is important before going any further into the relationship. You want to make sure there isn’t going to be issues pertaining to it in future. There are many different reasons as to why someone might not be vaccinated, so always be open and honest with your partner about your feelings, choices, and safety.

We all have different reasons as to why or why not we have chosen to vaccinate against Covid-19. This is a deeply personal decision and we respect that everyone has different opinions on the matter.

A Final Thought: Remember, there are always risks involved in entering into any kind of new relationship no matter what your situation or status might be. The pandemic has just added an extra layer to that.

Want to learn more about navigating dating during the pandemic? Contact our dating coaches today at or submit an application to join our dating database.

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