The idea of meeting someone in person is becoming more and more obsolete. With the use of apps such as Tinder, Bumble, Happn and Grindr, people are finding love online without ever having to leave their house. But what about those who want an even more personal touch? What if you want to find a serious lifelong partner with whom you can have children? A matchmaker might be for you! In this blog post we’ll explore how a matchmaking service works and what it can offer you in 2021.

Types of Matchmakers: There are generally three types of matchmakers. The first is a one-on-one service where an expert will investigate your lifestyle and interests in order to find you the perfect partner. You’re paying for a proactive search on your behalf and is usually on the more expensive side of matchmaking. However if you’re serious about finding someone and want it done right, its a great option. Did you know one-on-one matchmaking has been around since 1921 when Charles Rotkin created it in New York City?

The second type, known as group matchmaking, involves meeting several single men or women at once who have similar goals and lifestyles. These are usually events like speed dating, and generally on the cheaper side of matchmaking.

The third type is known as matchmaking by introduction. This is where a family member or friend will introduce you to another single person with the hope that they’ll like each other and begin dating. This can have great success as the people generally know you on a personal level.

Which one is right for you? We suggest not limiting yourself to only one! Try all three for greatest success. Contact our team today at to learn more about matchmaking and finding your perfect partner.