Upscale Matchmaking Service

Would you dream of finding true love? Do you expect the very best? Our upscale matchmaking service has only the highest of standards and can provide you with the optimal solution.

By using a boutique approach to our matchmaking services, our clients receive something different. We offer exceptional and customized options that are often lacking in this day and age.


Upscale Matchmaking Service


Our founder is Emily Lyons, who also serves as CEO of Femme Fatale Media Group, which is an award winning event staffing and modeling agency. Clients include top global brands such as MTV, Warner Brothers, Playboy, Sony, Budweiser, Calvin Klein and Pandora.   Based in Toronto, Femme Fatale Media Group provides its services nationwide.

Recognizing her uncanny ability to find the most remarkable people, time and time again, Emily’s clients have asked her to create a dating service.   The end result is an upscale matchmaking service like no other.

We invest the time to truly understand you and what you really desire. The end result are dating matches that are much more likely to meet with success. Finally, there is an easy high-end way to enable you to locate that special person you’ve dreamed of finding. Contact us today to find out more,