Toronto Matchmaker’s Advice: 3 Secrets to a Happy and Healthy Relationship

Toronto Matchmaker

Any experienced Toronto matchmaker knows that happy, healthy relationships don’t just happen out of sheer luck.

Instead, good romantic relationships come about when both partners actively seek out ways to strengthen their relationship.

Ask a happily married couple what their secret is, and you’ll probably get different answers – depending on the couple you ask. But, if you ask around enough, you’ll begin to notice recurring themes – particular attributes that you’ll find in just about any healthy romantic duo.

Fortunately for you, you don’t have to go around asking random couples what their keys to a happy relationship are – because here you’ll read what some people have revealed about their own strategies for a successful, loving relationship:


  • “Communication and patience. I used to be horrible at communicating. I tend to internalize everything and not talk about anything until it bottles and I explode.” It’s important to bear in mind that a romantic partner is not a mind reader. If something is bothering you, speak up and communicate this to your partner. Otherwise, the emotions you are silent about can turn into a whirlwind of negative energy and conflict. And this pattern of behaviour, over time, can destroy the relationship for good.


  • “Listening to your partner. Wholeheartedly listen and understand their feelings. A good technique I’ve found is when you feel an argument or disagreement about to happen, separate from each other and try to argue the point from your partners point of view. If you can’t, then you are not considering their emotions and interpretations of the situation.” It’s a simple thing – the power of listening – but developing this skill takes practice. Once it is well-developed in a relationship, however, it is a potent force in creating happiness and trust.


  • “Compatibility. Without compatibility you can communicate all you want and you will still never be happy. If the only way to be together is for one or both of you to deny fundamental parts of yourself the relationship won’t last. Lasting relationships are those based on shared core values and interests.” This is why it’s a very smart idea to work with a matchmaker who has a sharp eye for compatibility. Detecting compatibility between two people is not always an easy feat, but a skilled matchmaker will be able to do exactly that – elevating the chances that you’ll end up in a happy, healthy, and fun relationship.

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