Toronto Matchmaker Tips: After So Many Failed Relationships with Women, How Do You Keep Your Heart in the “Game”?

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If you’re reading this, you’ve probably had several failed relationships with women. In fact, you might even call it a definite, and harrowing, pattern of the crash-and-burn type of relationships. Maybe you used to be that bright-eyed romantic who couldn’t wait to be in a long-term relationship with a woman you loved, but after years of relationships that never worked out – maybe, just maybe, you’re thinking to yourself, “Why don’t I just throw in the towel for once?”


But you don’t have to throw in the towel. You can keep your heart in the “game” – if you know how to. Here’s our advice for you – courtesy of our Toronto matchmaker:


  • Stop indulging in rebound relationships. If you’re quickly moving from one relationship to the next – without giving yourself the time to reflect on and process your last relationship – then you’re not giving yourself time to heal from whatever went wrong and whatever hurt you in that relationship. And without healing from that past relationship, you’ll be entering into a new relationship burdened with psychological and emotional hang-ups which can cause you to sabotage your relationship. So don’t go for any more rebound relationships; instead, take time to fully heal. Otherwise, you may very well end up bouncing from one rebound relationship to the next, with each relationship ending more and more badly.


  • The next time you enter a relationship, be fully present in that relationship. When men are hurt from past relationships, they are often extremely hesitant to open up and tear their walls down in a new relationship. But this is counter-productive; the whole point of a relationship is to put ourselves fully out there, even if we might get hurt. So no matter how afraid you are of investing yourself completely in the new relationship, this is something you simply must do if you want to finally have a successful relationship. And if you get hurt again, understand that all of this is a learning experience. By approaching any new relationship as an opportunity for learning and growth – instead of adopting a “fixed” mindset that’s antithetical to personal growth – you’ll help lessen the fear of being totally present in the relationship.


  • Have trust issues? Work through them. This won’t always be easy, and it may require intense self-reflection and self-exploration. If necessary, seek out therapy to help resolve any underlying trust issues. (Note: this therapy doesn’t have to be institutional therapy provided by a counselor; even reading a few relevant books can help immensely towards unraveling your blocks to trusting and opening up to someone in a relationship.)


Of course, if you’re ready and excited to begin pursuing a committed relationship with a wonderful woman, then don’t hesitate to explore the upscale matchmaking options provided by Lyons Elite.

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