The Ultimate Single Ladies Gift Guide

The Ultimate Gift Guide For Single Women

The Best Gifts for the Independent Woman in Your Life

Whether she’s your best friend, sister, or coworker, the independent woman in your life is always a challenge to shop for. She doesn’t need another thing to clutter up her apartment, and she’s not into cheesy gifts that scream “I don’t know you at all.” So what do you get the woman who has everything? We’ve got you covered with our ultimate single ladies gift guide!

Whether you’re running short on time as the holidays approach or are working with a smaller budget, these gifts for your single friends are ideal. They’re fun, useful, unique, and high-quality items that she’ll love.

We’ve got a gift for every woman in your life, no matter her age! Whether she’s in her 20s, 30s, 40s 50s or 60s, we have something for everyone. These gifts will make this holiday season one to remember!

Gift Guide

1. A Luxury Robe

Luxury robe sets make an exceptional gift for someone who loves to stay cozy in style. Whether she’s enjoying a hot cup of coffee in the morning or working from home, this robe will keep her feeling warm and stylish all day long.

Gift guide

2. An Everyday Bag

For the stylish independent lady, there’s no shortage of great gift ideas. From a classic leather purse to a statement necklace that expresses her personality, it’s easy to find something she’ll love. Consider gifting her an e-gift card so she can pick out exactly what she wants!

Gift guide

3. A Flower Subscription

What woman doesn’t love flowers? A flower subscription, like the one from BloomsyBox, is an unbeatable option for the single girl who loves fresh blooms. She can choose from a variety of seasonal bouquets and enjoy flowers in her home year-round.

She is cheval

4. She Is Cheval Shoes

This one’s for the fashionista! She Is Cheval has some of the most stunning shoes around — and founded by an incredibly inspiring entrepreneur (read more about her here). Show her how special she is by gifting her a pair of these beauties!

Gift guide - Knix

5. The Ultimate PJ’s

The ultimate cozy pyjamas are a perfect gift for the independent woman who loves to lounge in style. Pick up a set of cute and comfortable sleepwear that she’ll love to wear while binge-watching her favorite shows.

Gift guide 2022

6. Some Pampering

Spa day or blow dry package is the perfect gift for the single lady who needs a little pampering. She’ll love indulging in a facial or massage and getting her hair done.

Gifts for her

7. Manifestation Journal

Manifestation journals, crystals and candles are perfect for the one who loves to practice self-care. Help her create a strict ritual with these items and she’ll be leading her own life in no time!

Matchmaking Agency

8. Singles Events & Matchmaking Services

Singles events & matchmaking packages are great for the single lady who’s looking to mingle. Give her a head start with tickets to an exclusive event or even try online matchmaking services together! We can even recommend a great matchmaking service (*cough*).

Ultimate gift guide

9. Friendo Apothecary Candles

These candles are vegan, made of soy wax, and have wooden wicks- ensuring a natural and eco-friendly burn. Founded by influencer Amanda Muse and her hubby, these candles are sure to bring happiness and relaxation to your gift recipient!

10. Eye Rollers

Eye rollers are an awesome gift for the woman who’s always on the go. These portable little gadgets can be used to reduce puffiness, dark circles and signs of fatigue — perfect for those late nights out!

Gift guide

11. A Monthly Box For Bosses

A subscription box geared towards female entrepreneurs is a great way to encourage her independent spirit. Each month she’ll receive items such as books, planners, and other office supplies as well as online courses and resources to help her take the next step with her business.

The best lashes - the birds papaya

12. Lashes, Lashes & More Lashes

You can never go wrong with lashes! Gifting some lashes so she can get glam for her next date night is a surefire way to put a smile on her face.

Gift guide 2022

13. A Wine Subscription

A wine subscription is perfect for the single lady who loves to unwind with a glass at the end of the day. She’ll get to try different bottles each month and savor every sip! She can even save them for a gals pal night together!


14. Shark Flexstyle

Shark Flexstyle is the new, perfect hair styling tool for everyone! Seriously, our team is obsessed. It’s a dyson dupe but better than the original. It’s perfect for busy ladies who want to take care of their locks quickly and efficiently (and without damaging it!).

15. Beauty Gadgets & Skincare

Beauty gadgets like facial steamers and at-home peel kits make amazing gifts that she can use again and again. Investing in her skincare is always worth it! 

16. Cute Travel Mug

Travel coffee mug for the always-on-the-go single girl. Grab her a stylish and insulated cup so she can take her favorite drinks with her wherever she goes — perfect for work, school or on that next road trip!

100 Dates Gift Guide

17. 100 Dates Bucket List Scratch Poster

This poster is the perfect solution for her next “I’m bored” moment. It includes 100 fun ideas, from at-home activities like baking a cake to excursions like going to a comedy club. So she’ll never be stuck scratching her head again wondering what to do! Whether she does them solo, with a friend or that next match from bumble! 

tea gift

18. Around The World Tea Advent Calendar

Tea Advent Calendar: Eat, pray, love was a hit for a reason! Give the independent woman in your life a chance to explore different cultures through tea with this fun advent calendar! With 24 exotic flavors from around the world, each cup of tea can be an adventure. It’s the perfect way for her to discover new teas and treat herself this holiday season!

19. Custom Dog Parent Mug

She’s devoted to her furry best friend, so why not give her a custom mug that celebrates her unique relationship? This mug can be customized with the pup’s name and photo — it’ll be like she has a little piece of him with her at all times.

Single Ladies

20. All the Single Ladies

By Rebecca Traister is a great choice for the single lady in your life.

Traister discovered a startling truth: the phenomenon of the single woman in America is not a new one. And historically, when women were given options beyond early heterosexual marriage, the results were massive social change—temperance, abolition, secondary education, and more. Today, only twenty percent of Americans are married by age twenty-nine, compared to nearly sixty percent in 1960.

She’ll get to explore the history and culture of unmarried women with this captivating read! It’s sure to be an inspiring treat for her bookshelf.

Sweater gift guide

21. Holiday Cashmere Sweater

A holiday cashmere sweater is a great way to make her feel special. Not only is it super cozy and warm, but it looks good too! 

Whether she’s sipping on coffee or out on a date, a cashmere sweater is sure to make any day feel luxurious. Plus, she can wear it all season long!

22. Handmade Chocolates

Who doesn’t love chocolate? Whether it’s a box of artisan truffles or some sweet candied fruit, you can never go wrong with this classic gift. She’ll be able to indulge her sweet tooth and feel extra special, knowing you gave her something so delicious. I HIGHLY recommend my personal favourite, Stratford Ontario made Rheo Thompson mint smoothies. 

coffee gift guide

23. Coffee Subscription

For the single lady who loves a good cup of joe, a coffee subscription is an ideal gift. She can choose her favorite roasts and get them delivered directly to her door every month. It’s the perfect way for her to stay caffeinated — and it’ll never get boring with new flavors each time!

headspace gift guide

24. Headspace App Gift Card

A subscription to the popular mindfulness app Headspace is a great way to show her you care. She’ll be able to learn meditation, stress reduction and relaxation techniques — all while taking some much-needed me time.The gift of peace of mind is not only perfect for the person who has everything, but also one that keeps on giving.

five minute gift guide

25. A Gratitude Journal

A gratitude journal is a simple, yet powerful tool for self-reflection. The act of writing down what you are thankful for can help boost happiness and reduce stress levels. Give her this thoughtful and meaningful gift so she can practice gratitude each day. When you pracice gratitude, it can change your life — for the better!

classpass gift guide

26. ClassPass

For the health-conscious single woman in your life, a Classpass gift card is a great way to show her you care. She can take advantage of classes at gyms and studios all over town — from yoga to cycling — so she can stay active and energized. It’s the perfect pick me up for work, school or just for fun! And hey, she may just meet Mr or Mrs Right while she is there!

omnilux gift guide

27. The Omnilux LED Red Light Mask

The ultimate in self-care, an Omnilux LED mask is perfect for the woman who wants to look and feel her best. This device uses light therapy to help improve skin tone, reduce wrinkles and more. She can use it at home or on the go — anytime she needs an extra boost of confidence!

Larq Gift Guide

28. LARQ Bottle

Help her stay hydrated and be kind to the planet with a LARQ Bottle. This insulated bottle is powered by UV-C LED light technology and keeps water clean, cold and ready for drinking — all without plastic waste! Plus, it looks super chic too.

Matthew Hussey

29. Get The Guy by Matthew Hussey 

This book is the perfect pick for all the single ladies looking for love. Packed with practical advice and inspiring stories, Get The Guy will help her learn how to meet and attract men in today’s dating scene. It’s a great read full of valuable perspective and insight — sure to be appreciated!

Women's Gift Guide

30. Province Apothecary’s Luxurious Skincare 

All-natural and organic skincare from Province Apothecary is perfect for the gal pal who likes to take care of her skin. From serums to masks, she’ll love this luxurious treat!

31. Memorable Experiences

Don’t forget about experiences! Buying her a ticket to a movie, concert, or comedy show is an easy way to give her something to look forward to. Or sign her up for a cooking class and make it a fun outing for the two of you.

2022 gift guide for her

32. A Healthy Subscription Box

For the wellness-minded single gal pal, there are plenty of gift options to show you care about her self-care routine. A subscription box full of healthy snacks and goodies is a great way for her to replenish and recharge each month. Or pick up an essential oil diffuser so she can relax after a long day with soothing scents


No matter what you get your independent lady this holiday season, make sure it’s something that reflects her personality and style. With these gift ideas, she’ll be feeling like the queen she is! Happy shopping and happy holidays!

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