The Ultimate First Date Questions: Find Out Your Match’s Style

Ultimate First Date Questions

What is the best first date questions to ask? The truth is there are no perfect questions, but asking the right ones will help you get an idea of what type of person your match might be, and spark a great conversation. Keeping things light and fun will ensure you get a chance to know each other better – without the pressure. We’ve compiled some of these favourite first date questions for you here!


1. “What are your hopes and dreams for the future?”

Asking this question is a great way to see if your match wants the same things you want.

A perfect example would be someone who is in love with their job but doesn’t necessarily like where they live, and you enjoy living somewhere else so it’s not something that bothers you at all.

This person might have different hopes for the future than what you want, so it’s important to know what they’re looking for.


 2. “What is your favourite food?”

This question helps you get a sense of their taste in food and how much variety they like in their diet. It will also help you come up with date ideas if the answer doesn’t match up to yours – there are plenty of restaurants in every city that offer a variety of cuisine styles.


3. “What type of music do you like?”

This question helps you get an idea what kind of person they are and the moods they prefer to be in. Music is a very personal thing, so it’s important not to judge your match for their answer here; ask them why they like the music they do.

Matching your favourite type of music to theirs will help you get a sense if there’s already an unspoken connection between you, and it’ll also give you more insight on what kind of person they are.

If someone loves heavy metal for example, but their date doesn’t particularly enjoy this genre, it might be wise to move on.


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4. “What is your favourite type of movie?”

This question helps you get a sense what kind of person they are and the moods they prefer to be in. They will also give you insight into their values, because most movies have themes that highlight moral lessons or reveal aspects about human nature.

For example, if someone’s favourite movie is “Spirited Away” – a Japanese animated film about an eleven-year old girl who finds her way into a spirit world and must work to free herself and her parents from captivity there by solving the mysteries of this strange new place.

It’s safe to say that their values are likely to be a lot different from yours, because this film is about finding your inner strength and overcoming adversity.


5. “What are the three most important things in life for you?”

This question shows them that you want to understand what’s important to them – it could also show their values or how they view themselves as an individual. If someone’s answer is “family, friends and my job”, what does that say about them?

It tells you they put a lot of value on relationships. It also says that this person values their work – it’s not just something to get by with until retirement.

This question will help you dig deeper if the conversation starts running dry!


6. “What is one silly thing that has happened to them recently?”

This question helps lighten the mood and shows an interest in their life outside of work or school. It’s also a way for you to get some insight into what they do for fun, so that you can plan your date accordingly.

For example, if they tell you about a time when their cat messed up the floor rug and they had to clean it all up – this would be a great ice breaker for those who are animal lovers!

Or maybe if they talk about how their friend distracted them in math class, so they ended up with a different answer than what the teacher wanted – this would be a good way to connect if you have friends who are bad at math and mess things up sometimes too.

In both cases, it’s an easy conversation for you two to jump into because of your shared interests!


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7. “What is one thing that could take the world from perfect to tragic?”

This question is great for getting an idea of their values – and it’s also a way to discuss what they’re passionate about. What one thing do they think would be the worst that could happen in life?

Their answer will show you how your values are similar, or if there’s something important you may not share.

In either case, it will give you some insight into who they are and what’s important to them – which is vital for a healthy relationship!

It also gets the conversation flowing in an interesting direction that can lead to meaningful conversations down the line.


What do you think? Share your ideas below!

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