The Trouble is You Think You Have Time

 You’re a busy, hard working, smart man. With just the right combination of grit and talent, you’ve climbed to the top. And your time – well, it’s precious. Understandably, you don’t want anything to waste your invaluable time – after all, in life time is the irretrievable element.

But maybe (just maybe) you’ve been thinking to yourself that you’d love to meet a gorgeous, intelligent woman who’d be right there for you and beside you – through your trials and tribulations. So you think to yourself – “Where can I find such a woman? Maybe if I go to enough of my friends’ parties, I’ll meet her.”

So you go to such parties, you mingle, and you meet a girl who seems nice enough. So you take her on a date, things go along nicely, but…you two just don’t have that much in common. No problem – there’s plenty of fish in the sea, as they say. Onwards – you meet another girl. Is she the right one for you? Well, you flirt with her a bit, and ask her out and then…well, you two have different, non-overlapping goals in life. And the journey continues…

Do you see where this is going? The trouble, you see, is not that there aren’t enough women out there. Or that you’re not going to the right places. Or that you’re just bound to never find the “love of your life.” No – the trouble is you think you have time.

You think you have time to find a charming woman, get to know her, and see if you two are a match. You think you have the time – but chances are, you don’t have that kind of time. You don’t have the time to go on several dates with someone only to discover that you two aren’t “on the same page” about things.

Those kinds of things take time – in the “conventional” dating world. But there’s a “shortcut” to it all. There’s a way to minimize the amount of time needed to find the right woman and maximize your chances of hitting it off right away with a woman and finding the love of your life. Here’s how:

(1) Find a matchmaking service. But not just any matchmaking service. No – it must be exclusive to the “leaders of men” like you. That way, you can be sure that this matchmaking service finds you the kind of women that match your personality and complement your drive.

(2) Have a look at the kind of women that matchmaking service has in its rolodex. Lyons Elite, for example, has a magnificent rolodex of charming models and other lovely women – the CEO of Lyons Elite also runs a major model staffing agency, making it straightforward to match ambitious men with gorgeous models.

(3) Get started! To be sure, you certainly know that action is often more important than endless planning. So just go out there and get moving with a matchmaking service. They’ll match you with a woman who has the kind of looks you’ll adore – and the personality you crave.

It’s not that complicated. And it’ll save you time – precious time. No wonder some of the most talented and driven men use matchmaking services!

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