The Successful Man’s Dating Guide from Toronto’s Matchmaker – “Where Should I Take Her on a Date?”


Your date-night game plan:
Shine your shoes.
Adjust your tie.
Vainly gaze at yourself in the mirror, admiring your good looks and charm.
Have a fantastic date idea that isn’t so…cliché.

And it is that last point – #4 – that deserves considerable thinking from the neurons firing in your brain. Most men – those who are not primed for dating success and for effortlessly winning over gorgeous girls – will take their date out to a suave, posh restaurant. But you are not most men. Most men will go with their date to a movie – if they choose not to do the restaurant idea. But you are not most men. Most men will pay for the food or the movie. But you are not most men.

Okay…okay. Let me drive straight home to the main point. It is a fact of life that restaurants lit with flickering candles – bouncing shadows around everywhere – are not the best place to take that hot beauty out on the first few dates. That’s because restaurants – or, for that matter, the movie cinema – are not the best places to actually get to know someone. These are environments in which no one has to be himself or herself, because the numerous distractions – the waiter, the appetizers, the dimly-lit table, the distance between the two of you as you stare at each other across the table…these all work together to make for an “artificial” dating environment. So what to do?

Don’t ask her out to dinner. Instead, just say something like: “Hey, let’s go grab a cup of tea. That’ll make it easy for me to get away if you happen to be a total freak.” It’s amusing. It puts you in the position where she’s the one doing the chasing. She’s the one who has to prove herself to you, not the other way around. Tip: go for tea or pastries, but not coffee. Coffee will give you both a less-than-pleasant breath, which isn’t exactly ideal for hot-and-heavy action that might happen after the date.

Choose a location that’s close to your place. The reasoning here is pretty elementary, and you’ve probably figured it out. If you’re chatting with her near your place, while sipping on some pleasant tea, it’s easier for you to invite her over to your place afterwards. What happens after the date? If you’ve been talking with her for some time (no more than hour, unless you’re both really cruising along), then say something like: “Well, I gotta go pick up some things at the mall, but let’s keep talking, so come with me.” Of course, don’t say this with an overly-pretentious attitude – keep it fun, playful, and cocky. She’ll more than likely say “yes,” and you will have locked her into your frame. Again, she’s the one who’s trying to prove herself to you and keep up with your moves – instead of the opposite.

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