The Secrets of Being a High Status Man

Sad but true: millions of men go through life without really knowing how to attract high-value women. They’ve been taught to be a “nice guy” – or they’ve been taught to be a “jerk” – in order to “get the girl.”

But playing the nice guy or being a jerk to women won’t get you very far – believe me. You see, women can see through your smoke and mirrors – they can see that you’re trying too hard. So what’s the real way to attract women in your life?

It’s by being a high status man.

Okay…the sounds great, doesn’t it? But before you get all pumped up and excited about becoming this “high status man,” a word of warning: it’s not about your money, or your extravagant lifestyle, or the fact that you’re the CEO of a company. No – being a high status man goes far deeper than this. It goes down to the very core of who you are.

See, you can have all the money in the world and still be an insecure wimp…or an egotistical jerk.

So a man with true value – actual high status – has his character on point. It’s about an internal confidence in who you are and what you are doing. Women dig that. Guys dig that, too. We all like people who have their “act together,” who are coolly confident, and who know where they are going in life.

But this is about attracting women. How does any man become a man of high status? Well, this could fill up a whole book. For now, however, let’s focus on the specific, tangible characteristics of a high status man. Read these characteristics and see how many you have.


  1. He is articulate and well-spoken. Proper diction – spoken in a clear, pronounced manner – will instantly impress a high-status woman. If you really want to elevate your status (and not just for getting women, but for improving yourself), consider taking voice training lessons of some kind.


  1. He has a charming sense of humor. Nobody likes a sluggish man who can’t crack a smile – or make witty banter. A sense of humor, in fact, has been scientifically shown to be more attractive to females. If you don’t think your humor is where you want it, think about how you can develop a more charming sense of humor.


  1. He is physically fit. What’s on the outside often tells a woman what’s in the inside. Here’s what that means: a physically fit man gives off signals that say, “Hey, I’m disciplined, focused, and organized. I’m fit because I’ve put in the work to be sculpt my body the way I want it to be.”


  1. He can speak a foreign language. Because who doesn’t want to hang around someone who can speak more than one language? The man who can speak a foreign language is a man who can converse with a greater number of people than the man who can only speak on language.


  1. He is skilled in his profession. He is very, very good at what he does, because he is passionate about what he does and he has an indomitable work ethic.


  1. He lifts others up – and doesn’t waste time with energy-drainers. He is self-confident, so he sees no need to put others down. Instead, he delights in adding value to the lives of others and lifting them up. But energy-drainers in his life are a no-no: his time is a precious commodity, so he has little desire to spend time with people who don’t really care about him.


  1. He dresses well. “Dressing well” is not the same thing as dressing extravagantly. It means that his desirable attributes are accentuated by the proper combination of clothing types, fabrics, and colors. It also means that he is organized and not lazy – very attractive traits to women, of course.


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