The Billionaire’s Guide to Finding Love

Billionaire Dating + Wealthy Matchmaking

Love is a beautiful thing, and it can make even the most cynical person melt. But, with all of our time spent at work and focused on making money, we sometimes forget to put ourselves out there in terms of finding love. In this article, I am going to give you my top tips for dating as a wealthy entrepreneur.

Tip one: Treat your date with respect. No matter who you are or where you are coming from, everyone is equal.

Tip two: Be mindful of what you say and how it sounds to the other person. They might not be as wealthy or successful, so watch out for that.

Tip three: Leave work at work! When on a date, make sure to put everything else aside and focus on the other person! Put. Your. Phone. Away.

Tip four: Don’t get too serious, and remember to have fun! Finding love is not a business transaction, so don’t treat it like one.

Tip five: Be a man- or woman! It is important to be assertive when looking for love, and not let others walk all over you. If you’re wealthy and the other person knows that, make sure they’re genuinely interested in you, and not just what you can buy them.

Tip six: Be yourself! When we are looking for love, it is often easy to try and put on a show that isn’t really who you are. Be honest with your potential partner and be an open book. Don’t focus on showing what you’ve done professionally, what you own, but who you are as a person. What makes you, you.

Tip seven: Don’t overthink things too much! We all have self-doubt at some point or another, but don’t let it override your instincts.

Tip eight: It’s not a sprint, so don’t rush things! This is going to be an investment in time and energy for both of you, so take the necessary steps before jumping into anything too fast. Be mindful of how much you like each other as well- if one person starts feeling rushed or pressured, they’ll feel the need to pull away.

Tip nine: It’s not always going to be easy, but if you’re willing to put in the work and take these steps with someone that might make a great partner, then it can all pay off!

Lastly, make sure to be mindful as a notable figure that not everyone can be trust worthy. Be careful using dating sites, or other public sites where you can be recognized. Using services like a professional matchmaker that specializes in working with the ultra wealthy (*cough cough*) is a great way to avoid this.

Hope these tips are helpful to you, and if there are any questions feel free to reach out to our team.

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