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Most people have heard that springtime is the right time to fall in love. While there’s all sorts of factors that impact when people look for love and when they are most receptive to finding that someone special, there is real science behind the idea of finding a new relationship once the winter has passed. The underlying cause has to do with something that all of our brains produce: dopamine.

What is Dopamine?

Dopamine is one of the neurotransmitters that is produced in the brain and helps to balance and regulate emotions, allow people to experience pleasure, and in general provides us with a sense of well being. In a sense, it’s what makes people want things. That includes wanting someone to share their lives with.

Why Spring?

It’s true that the brain manufactures dopamine all year round. What is different in the spring is how many different things stimulate the senses and lead to the production of this neurotransmitter in greater abundance.

After the cold of winter, now there’s warm temperatures accompanied by sunshine that helps to chase away the chill. Flowers are in bloom, providing us with something new and exciting to look at. There are new things to smell, old favorites to enjoy, and a sense of anticipation about what the next few months will bring. All of these combine to promote more production of dopamine and in turn ensure we are more in the mood to find someone who also appreciates all the wonders of spring.

The Strategy to Go With the Science

Understanding why we are more likely to seek out romantic partners during the spring is one thing. Finding them is something else. That’s where the right strategy combines with the science to make things happen.

People who are busy with careers don’t always have time to look around for themselves. That’s where the idea of visiting a dating agency and seeing what they can do comes into the picture. The process of professional matchmaking takes into consideration what people enjoy in terms of hobbies, interests, and what they want in a partner. In the best-case scenario, there may be more than one possible match. If so, the opportunity to connect with each person in turn and see how things go could lead to a long and satisfying relationship.

Think of how nice it would be to be matched with someone who enjoys the same types of cuisine, likes to go to the same types of plays, or has a sense of humor that makes it easy to laugh all the time. Instead of a spring where there is the longing for companionship but no apparent way to make things happen, the right service can ensure the time is spent meeting new people and possibly finding the right person to share the wonders of summer.

Now is the time to consult with Toronto matchmakers and get the process rolling. Who knows? There’s a good chance that in a matter of days, the right match will be made and spring will be even more exciting than ever.

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