The Special Texting Formula that Stops Girls from Flaking on You

Guys, at some point in your life you’ve probably had a girl flake on you. You asked her out on a date, and she said “Yes!” You were thinking, “Great, this is going to be exciting.” Then…crickets.

She cancels on you the day of the date. Maybe she just sends you a quick text: “hey, sorry, can’t make it today.” Bummer. Or maybe she goes absolutely cold on you. Even more of a bummer.

Here’s the thing: a woman might be excited about you when you ask her out on a date, so she says “Yes!” Then, as the week goes by, doubts creep into her mind. And, possibly, things you say while texting her also dampens her mood to go out on a date with you. So when the day of the date arrives, she’s pondering and wondering whether it’s really a good idea to go out on this date. And that’s when she flakes out on you.

It is tremendously frustrating when a woman flakes on you, of course. You were all ready for this date – maybe you look especially good – and you’re all eager and excited and…she’s a no-show. So what to do about that? How can you make sure she doesn’t flake on you? Well, the cool thing is this: using just your phone, you can prevent a whole lot of flakes. If you’ll take a couple of minutes to finish reading this article, you’ll learn a special “texting technique” that’ll prevent her from flaking on you.

The Texting Technique to Stop Her From Flaking on You

It will sound incredibly simple. Frankly, that’s because this technique is pretty straightforward. Here’s how this texting technique works:

  • On the day of the date, send her a text. Send this text (the details of which are below) around 1 o’clock in the afternoon. Why? Because if it’s any later than 1 o’clock, she’ll already have decided whether she wants to do this date…and she might text you to cancel on you. And if it’s too early, that still leaves a long wait before the date for her to reconsider. So sending a text at around 1 o’clock in the afternoon is best.
  • Ask her a question. In this first text, ask her something like: “eager for tonight’s date?” This will do two things. First, since it’s a question, she’ll be in a position where she feels obligated to respond. Second, it’ll prompt her to ask something along the lines of: What’s the plan for the date? Once she asks something like that, you can launch into the next step.
  • Give her two date choices. This is the real clincher – the “technique” that’ll get her wanting to go out on this date with you. But you’re not going to give her any random two choices for what to do on this date. No – instead, the first choice will be a perfectly reasonable, fun date idea; and the second choice will be a comically ridiculous choice that she’d never choose in a million years. See, the goal of that second choice – the comically ridiculous one – is to get her to laugh and trigger positive emotions in her. Emotions which tell her, “You know what? This guy is great. It’s going to be fun seeing him.”

Here’s an example of what to text her:

“Hey, come by my place at 8:30 this evening. We’ll cook up some delicious black cod brûlée and enjoy some drinks. Or we could find great, tall trees in the park and climb them?”

Now, 99% of girls are not going to say “Yes” to the idea of climbing trees in the park…at night. So that’s a clearly ridiculous date idea, and they’ll always go for the first option. But the important thing is that this text gives them positive vibes. It puts them in the mood to go out on the date with you, and once they say “Yes!” to the black cod brûlée, it’s all set and she won’t be flaking on you.

Here’s another example of what to text her:

“Let’s meet around 10 this evening at that chill new pub that just opened. Or would you rather see who can eat a dozen cheese danishes the fastest?”

Once again, the second choice is definitely too ridiculous for any girl to choose. She’ll laugh and smile, and go for drinks at that chill new pub. And you’ve just successfully landed a date – without her flaking on you!

One more thing: when you present her with two choices, this forces her to decide between two date options – instead of her deciding whether she should go on this date or not. So by giving her two choices, you’re putting her in the frame of mind where she’ll end up choosing one of the date options – and she won’t flake on you.
So, now that you’ve read this: go out there and put it in action! Next time you’ve got a date scheduled with some hot girl, try this. It works!

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