A Simple “Body Language” Technique to Spark Her Attraction towards You


Here’s something many men don’t know: your body language is just as important as what you’re saying when chatting up a woman you might want to date. You’ll find a lot of articles out there that give you ideas on what to talk about with a woman, but not many focus on this extremely important factor to dating success: body language!

Picture this. There’s a guy at a bar or maybe some special event, and he gets to talking with an attractive girl. Everything is going well, except…he’s facing her directly, and only her side is facing him. Guess what’s going to happen? Pretty soon, that girl is going to start feeling uncomfortable…she’ll be getting awkward or unpleasant vibes from him…and she won’t even know why!

The reason is that his body language is screaming neediness! Although only her side is facing him, he’s facing her full-on, so his body is silently begging for her attention. And that reeks of desperation, which is almost always a turn-off and really uncomfortable for a woman.

Now imagine another scenario. This time, the guys at the bar, with his side facing the woman, but she’s facing him directly. What’s going to happen? Well, after a time, she’s going to feel that he’s not at all interested in her. So she’ll think that she might as well give up and move elsewhere to find someone else to talk with. And that’s not a good outcome, either, if you’re attracted to a woman.

So what’s a guy to do? Well, as it turns out, there’s a simple body language technique you can use to:

  • Make a woman feel at ease with you when talking with her.
  • Generate feelings of rapport.
  • Have a smooth conversation with her where everything feels natural.

In fact, you may have used this technique when networking with important connections – but it can certainly be used effectively when chatting up a woman you’re interested in. Enough with the preamble – here’s a simple body language technique you can use:

(1) Start off talking with her side-by-side. This is the body language adopted by friends and people who are at ease around each other. The two of you will basically be talking over your shoulders in a relaxed, easy manner.

(2) Now then, as the two of you are talking side-by-side, she will naturally and inexplicably begin to feel a good deal of rapport with you. This will cause her to turn to face you.

(3) This next step is important: as she turns to face you, you should then turn to face her! Otherwise, she will begin feeling uncomfortable and start thinking that this is an awkward interaction. But if you face her once she’s facing you, the two of you will continue to build rapport at an ever-increasing pace. And she’ll leave that conversation thinking that you’re an awesome man and definitely fun to talk to. Which means if you got her number she’ll be much more open to continuing to talk with you over phone!
Sounds simple – maybe too simple – but this actually works. So much of human communication is non-verbal, even though we don’t realize it. So try this next time you’re talking with that beautiful woman you’re interested in!

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