Scared to Initiate a Relationship? Here’s How.

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Relationships can be tricky. You don’t want to push someone into a commitment they’re not ready for, but at the same time, you really like them and want to get closer with them. If you feel like your relationship is going nowhere because of this problem, then don’t worry! The following article will provide some advice on how to initiate a relationship so that it works out well in the end.


Establish Boundaries First

The best way to start is by being respectful of their boundaries. If they’re not ready for a relationship, then you should respect that and try again in another time when it might be more appropriate. This will show them that you care about what they want and value themselves as an individual.


Just Ask

Another way is to very simply ask them out on a date. This will take some courage, but it’s better than just waiting for something to happen and getting frustrated when nothing does! It also shows that you’re interested in this person as well, which is important if they want the same thing from you. If they say no or don’t show interest, it’s not the end of the world. You can always try again later when you’re feeling more confident and less pressured by feelings that this could be your only chance to date them!


Show Support

A third way is to be really supportive of them. This means doing things that make them happy, like going shopping with them or playing a sport they enjoy. The more you do for this person, the closer you’ll become and the better your chances will be of initiating something! Do they have their own business? Make a referral for them! Support their passions in some way.



Communication. Just tell them how you’re feeling! We get so caught up in playing the “game” we forget about the fundamentals. Communicating your interest in someone is always flattering. If you don’t say it, you never know!

Don’t Over Think It!

Stop over thinking it! If you’re feeling like it’s a good time, then go for it. It really does take some courage to initiate something that could potentially be awkward or rejected, but if they feel the same way about you and are willing to try too, then what have you got to lose?


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