Elite Singles Mixer For Executives – Toronto, Canada – SOLD OUT


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Date: Thursday, August 11, 2016
Where: Downtown Toronto, Ontario

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Take Your Romantic Life to a Whole New Level

Lyons Elite is famous for connecting high-caliber, driven men with intelligent, motivated, and beautiful women. This exclusive Toronto singles party is no exception to that rule.  


At-a-Glance Event Description

Dress up and go to this exclusive singles’ party with confidence. Enjoy a relaxing, romantic evening with other attractive, eligible singles at this private event. Here is your chance to meet classy, upbeat members who you are sure to “click” with. So get ready to flirt and chat with individuals who catch your eye, drink in hand!


Event Details — What You Need to Know

Who is This Singles Party For?

With all candidness, this mingle is only for successful and highly driven singles. It’s for individuals with a knack for turning dreams into reality, and who channel fearlessness and determination in everything that they do. If that’s not really who you are, this event won’t really be a good fit for you. Because this singles party isn’t for people who are shy to take chances, stand out, and be fabulous.

Why Should I Go to This Singles Party?

If you’re ultra-driven, there’s no gift greater than the gift of time. By going to this Toronto singles party, you’ll meet eye-catching eligible singles who share your attitude towards success. This will save you time — you won’t have to go on endless dates with different people before finding someone you really “click” with.

This will be an exciting and fun party, too — after all, who doesn’t like an enjoyable evening after an industrious day of work?


How Does it Work?

You’ll find the atmosphere at this singles party to be relaxing and comfortable. There isn’t any pressure for you to meet a certain number of people, or anything like that. Instead, this is your chance to dress your best and socialize with attractive and charming eligible singles — highly successful individuals looking for romance.  It’s your chance just to have a great time and have fun — and even find someone you might want to date in the future.


Location: Downtown Toronto, Ontario. Venue information and full details sent with ticket purchase confirmation.

Liven up your week and your romantic life — book your ticket to this event today. Spaces are limited, so better book now before we run out of space!