The Simple 2-Step Exercise to Overcome Your Fear of Approaching Beautiful Women

Overcome Your Fear of Approaching Beautiful Women

Even if you have been a notably successful man in business, entrepreneurship, and other areas of your life, you might still have a kind of “fear” or feelings of anxiousness when you’re around a gorgeous, confident, and intelligent woman.

The fact is that many men are afraid to approach a beautiful woman. “Oh, she probably gets approached by dozens of guys who are better-looking than me” is the thought that crosses the minds of many men when they consider mustering the courage to initiate a conversation with that lovely lady who’s caught your eye.

Then there’s the puzzlement of “What will I say to her? How will I act around her?”

These sorts of thoughts bombard your mind, so you end up choosing not to approach her. Not to converse with her. And, ultimately, not to date her.


Overcome Your Fear of Approaching Beautiful Women


Again, this can happen to the best guys out there. One moment you’re feeling confident and great and all, and then you catch sight of a beautiful woman. Maybe she’s leaning against the bar. Maybe she’s at a conference or a seminar. Maybe she’s at the airport. And when you see her, you think about approaching her. But your brain quickly shuts that down with self-defeating thoughts and the emotion of fear.

So if you’d like to get better and approaching beautiful women with confidence, poise, and ease…know this: it’s very achievable. In fact, all it takes is a little action on your part. If this is an area of your life you are certain you want to improve upon, then take action on now on carrying out these steps:


“How Do I Get Over My Fear Of Approaching Beautiful Women?”


Step 1. Go out every day and initiate a conversation with a woman.

It doesn’t matter if you find her particularly attractive or not. What matters is that you are wiring your brain to be perfectly at ease around women. So go out tomorrow – or today – and say “Hi” or something that starts a small conversation with a woman. Do this throughout the day.


Step 2. Keep your objective in mind.

For this to work for you most effectively, it is best if you go about your day with this frame of mind: your objective is not to get a woman’s number. Or get a date. Or anything like that. Your only objective is to learn – nothing more. If you happen to get a number – great. If not – also great, because the only thing that matters here is that you’re learning to act confidently and naturally around women.

And actually, this daily exercise works most effectively when you make a specific commitment to get exactly zero numbers and zero dates. After all, your core objective here is just to overcome your fear of being around beautiful women, so by focusing solely on that objective, you will get faster results.
Try this simple method if you’d like to feel much more confident and enthusiastic about talking with beautiful women. And for more great tips about dating and attracting women, read the Lyons Elite Blog.

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