Our #1 Dating Tip For Men: Step Up Your Photo Game!

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Hi Gentlemen!

Are you looking for love in 2020? Discouraged by the results? Well from our experience and research we’ve found that the number one issue is how men present themselves online, specifically in their photos!

With what you may think is a great photo, chances are a potential match may not agree. Women are used to seeing countless profile photos of men fishing, of poorly-lit closeups at off-angles, of confusing group shots, of blurry shots in front of fancy cars, of shots at the gym, etc. These are to women generally no-nos but they are what is most common. So how can you be sure to set yourself apart and put your best foot forward?

Here are our top photo tips to succeed in finding your perfect match:

1) Stay away from the cliches listed above! What a potential partner wants to see is your face and they want to see it clearly. They want to look at that face, they want to look into your eyes in order to get a clear sense of you. She is asking herself – are those eyes I trust? Is that someone I could wake up to every day? So know your flattering angles, and a nice, crisp black and white picture goes far.

2) If you really want to display your cars, watches, vacations and clothes – read step 1 and apply to photos like this. Pro tip: if you have a dog (or any animal), include a dog/animal picture: they have a high success rate and are a great way to start a conversation.

3) No group photos! This is about you. And absolutely no pictures of you and an ex.

4) Simplicity is key. A photo of your face, a casual photo, and a formally dressed one will do. Women can see a lot with a little and always appreciate quality.

If you follow these simple rules, we promise results. You can book a professional photoshoot with our team here.

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