Men, Let’s Rethink “The One”

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In our hundreds of in-depth interviews with clients, we’ve seen an ongoing pattern of what “the one” means to men and why holding fast to that image may in fact be preventing them from meeting “the one”!

Typically men will have a look that they want, and a list of qualities. While that is all good and fine, holding too fast to the look or even the list lowers their chances of meeting someone they are truly compatible with.

Many successful love stories have an element of the “unlikely.” You may hear their stories to go something like:

“We were total opposites in all ways. His brain is a spreadsheet and mine is a painting. He’s an atheist and I am spiritual. I’m an introvert, he’s an extrovert.”

“I promised myself I would never date a woman who has kids and has been divorced. This was a deal-breaker for me, but when I met her, none of that mattered.”

“I’m a short man and I never dated taller women. I found it emasculating. But when I was set up with her, well, we’ve been happily married for 10 years. That should say enough.”

“She was half an hour late to our wedding, she was unsure about me up until then. She was an educated intellectual and I was a handsome truck driver. That was 50 years ago and we’re still best friends.”

“She wasn’t my type at all. I was very vain and only dated model-type women. I can’t believe I almost missed out on the love of my life because of this. Now, I don’t think but I know she is the most beautiful woman in the world. She is my everything.”

You get the picture.

That’s why we challenge you to date outside of your type! As the cliche goes, sometimes the most beautiful gifts are found in the most unexpected place and package. At Lyons Elite, our matchmakers spend many hours getting to know you and mining for souls they think would compliment you beautifully.

Often if she doesn’t look like the image he has in his head means he will not be open to meeting her, which is tragic. Sure, you’re hitting the jackpot when you find someone you think is a total fox and has a personality you want to spend your life with, but these situations are rare. Looks are not everything, everybody on earth ages and changes. Don’t you want “the one” to be your best friend? Somebody you can’t get enough of, somebody who just makes your life better? Somebody you feel great with? Plus, just because someone is a supermodel doesn’t mean you’ll have great sexual chemistry, it could be awful! On both sides for men and women, we’ve heard countless stories of “insane” sexual chemistry occur with partners who were totally not that person’s type in looks.

So are you up for the challenge? Trust your matchmakers in their choices, go off-grid with your set-in-stone ideas a bit, take a risk, because true love is worth more than anything!

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