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For Single Men Ages 35-55 (Toronto Area)

This 42 year old successful woman is based in Toronto, Ontario. She travels a lot for work and
pleasure, is very bubbly and smart, never married and no kids. She works in Tech for a
company based in Silicon Valley. Prior to that she opened and ran her own Homeopathy clinic.
She is a very down to earth and funny lady. She is very busy and travels a lot for work. She
always finds time for her loyal friends and will go out of her way to make someone feel happy
and loved. She has a little bit of a hippy side and loves taking care of herself in holistic ways.
She practices yoga daily and lives a balanced life.

For Single Men Ages 40-55  (Toronto Area)

This wonderful 43 year old woman is naturally sweet, passionate, elegant and very feminine. She is curious, creative and resilient. She believes in challenging h constantly and loves to travel and meet new people. For her life is an adventure of pleasure and happiness and she enjoys every moment of this adventure! She enjoys sports, boating, outdoor activities, finest gastronomy and the latest fashion trends. Her elegance and generosity shines through whatever she is doing.

She is looking for someone who is equally generous to others, for example, charities and others in need. A true romantic who can offer a long-lasting relationship would suit her perfectly!

For Single Men Ages 49-65

Our sophisticated and feminine early 50-something Caucasian client stands 5’6”, with curly blonde hair and dark brown eyes. Her physique is petite and lean from regular yoga, fitness classes and staying active. Our bachelorette takes pride in looking polished, elegant, and put together.  She is a successful teacher and real estate developer. She has two children and  she has been divorced for over 5 years. Born in Montreal, now lives in Toronto, Canada.

Our client is drawn to men of any ethnic background who would be described as entrepreneurial in spirit, masculine, fun, and possessing traditional family values. While he’s had a successful career, he might be a comfortable stage in his life where he can devote his attention to a monogamous relationship filled with laughter, adventures, and romance. Our client has an affinity for men who love sports (participate in them, rather than watch them) and can laugh at themselves.


Select Male Client Bios


1. For Single Women Ages 38-53

The bachelor is a well-spoken gentleman whose based in Toronto, Canada. An entrepreneur and serial investor, he launched his career by playing professional hockey for the NHL. After playing for the NHL for several years, he became a hotelier. His ideal match is a good-natured woman with a flexible schedule and keen intellect, and
who’s about 38 – 53 years of age – with no unresolved emotional baggage, and with no children.


2. For Single Women Ages 20-30

Our Vancouver bachelor is an extremely intelligent young man at the age of 30. He is currently a resident at the University of British Columbia in the Division of Plastic Surgery.  He is outgoing, funny, but a bit reserved. He is looking for a match around his age and someone who can lead a conversation and have fun with! He likes meeting new people and socializing, but can be quieter and more focused when there is something to do or if something is on his mind.  He would best connect with someone based in Vancouver who is also a med student or in a professional career such as a teacher or lawyer. 


3. For Single Women Ages 22-32

Our handsome bachelor is a 38 years old lawyer from Toronto, Canada. He is a senior partner in his own employment law firm. He is very hard working and successful, good looking, kind hearted and very sweet. He is divorced with no children. He enjoys the occasional drinks socially. He has a cat, and is an animal lover. He is half caucasian, half Egyptian. He is very close with his family and was raised by a strong older sister and Mother.

He would best connect with a lovely lady between the ages of 22 to 32. Someone who is also very kind, close with family, fun with a positive outlook on life. Ideally someone who is blonde or brunette, great sense of humour with a flexible career.


4. For Single Women Ages 22-35

We have a 37 year old finance entrepreneur. 6’2, handsome and outgoing. He spends his time between Indianapolis, Miami, NYC, Los Angels, Montreal, Toronto and Chicago – and is open to meeting someone from any location. He has never been married and has no children, although he very much wants both. He loves to travel and does so very frequently each week. He enjoys being social and exploring new things. He is very close with his brother. He would best connect with someone with a flexible schedule who also loves to travel, is intelligent, fun and very out going.

5. For Single Women Ages 23-31

Our bachelor is 32, owner and CEO of a very successful Toronto company. He is tall and fit and well spoken. He is easy going and can definitely enjoy himself. His schedule is very demanding, so he is looking for someone to counter that- ideally a woman who doesn’t work evenings or any soft of shift work, so you can still spend quality time together. He finds himself getting bored quite easily, so he needs someone who can keep him enticed!  Ideally looking for someone tall and fit with some curves-  not too skinny or petite. Must be in Toronto and not come with any drama. Direction in the woman’s life is also an attractive quality for him. 


6. For Single Women Ages 23-30

Our new bachelor is a 28-year-old handsome gentleman living in Toronto, Ontario. He grew up in Alberta before heading to the US for his education. He obtained his BA in Mathematics and Economics from Yale University. He is intelligent, driven,
creative and kind. He lives a balanced and healthy life. He would best connect with a woman who is 23 to 30
years old. A lady who is intelligent, caring, kind and naturally beautiful.


7. For Single Women Aged 23-31

Our newest bachelor is a very successful 34 year old gentleman based in Toronto, Canada. Russian, 5’10, very fit and handsome. Our bachelor enjoys living a healthy lifestyle – eating well and working out often. He enjoys travelling, opera, ballet and the arts. He is an optimistic person and would best connect with another optimist. Someone who is driven, intelligent and a little bit of a nerdy side!


8. For Single Women Ages 26-35

Our bachelor is an optimistic easy-going entrepreneur that appreciates balance in life. He is 6’2, loves travel,
enjoys basketball, and spontaneous adventure. Ambitious and driven, he has been running his own businesses since the age of 5 years old. Although he likes being active, he also enjoys down time and low-key evenings – talking the night away over a dinner in or out.

He believes you can have fun doing anything if you are with the right person. He is looking for someone who is genuine and down to earth; someone that likes to be active but can also relax, who knows how to be goofy and doesn’t take themselves too seriously, and that’s comfortable in both sneakers and heels.


9. For Single Women Ages 27-37

Our bachelor is a very successful provincial politician. He is caucasian, 46 years old, 6’1 and athletic. Never married and no children. Loves travelling, living an active lifestyle and trying new things. Very kind and a true gentleman, well spoken and educated.

He travels extensively for work, is based in Fredericton NB but open to anywhere. Would ideally like children still so a woman 27-37, caucasian, athletic. Someone with an adventurous spirit who is spontaneous and willing to accept his non-traditional way of living. Intelligent, fit and motivated.


10. For Single Women Ages 35-50

This successful bachelor is a 55 years old stock broker and VP of a major bank. He’s divorced with 3 grown up children. He’s 5″9 with blue eyes and salt and pepper hair. He has a slender build & works out regularly. He’s looking for someone who is self-assured, confident, out-going, kind-hearted & financially stable.


11. For Single Women Ages 24 to 35

Mr Right is right here. Very handsome, intelligent, kind and successful – it doesn’t get much better than this. This bachelor is the definition of tall, dark and handsome. At 5’11, fit and comes from an Italian background. Our bachelor has never been married and has no kids. He has spent the majority of his life building successful companies. Reaching a certain stage in his career and life he is ready to settle down and start a family. A non smoker and social drinker, he lives a very balanced and healthy life. He has his pilots license which helps him to easily commute between his Toronto, NYC and LA homes.

He would best connect with an independent, self-sufficient and classy woman. This woman is healthy, has her life together, is healthy, fit and active. She is ideally between 5’2 to 5’8, athletic body, slender and beautiful. She loves to travel and go with the flow. A mild temperament, easy going attitude towards life and a kind heart are an absolute must. A woman who loves to get dressed up and attend A-list events, but also loves to stay home in sweats just spending time together.


12. For Single Women Ages 27-35

Our bachelor is 45 years old and the President of a large recycling company, as well as a real estate developer. He is tall, caucasian, salt and pepper hair. He is fit and good looking. He loves music, art and travelling. He doesn’t have kids, however would love some one day. He worked very hard to get to where he is an is now semi retired, spending most weekends at his beautiful cottage. He is artistic and enjoys painting and drawing. He can speak both French and Spanish fluently.

He would best match with someone 27-35, no children, confident and with a great sense of humour. He is Jewish however doesn’t require his match be.

13. For Single Women Ages 28-45

Our confident bachelor is a 50 year old entrepreneur. You wouldn’t know his age by meeting him, he works out everyday and has a very youthful and bubbly personality. He is divorced with no children. He owns several restaurant chains and is also in trade. He loves to travel and does so often. He is very driven and has accomplished a great deal. He is now looking for someone to share his life with. He enjoys sports, working out and being by the water. His ethnicity is European.

His ideal partner is someone who works out (yoga, runs, etc), is into travel and possible relocation, close family ties and wants a family of their own. Also searching for someone who knows how to relax and enjoy themselves, but can also play hard and have a good time out! He lives in Edmonton, Alberta but will fly out, or fly you anywhere to meet.

14. For Single Women Ages 19-26 (Currently on vacation until the New Year)

 Our Toronto bachelor is a 26 year old Research Analyst at a financial holding company. He comes from a very successful family whom he is very close to and owns the company he works for. He has a bachelor of commerce from the University Of Toronto. He currently lives in the bridle path however is moving to his new condo downtown in the next while. He loves fitness and goes to the gym daily. He is tall, fit, good looking and well dressed. He is very shy at first and would best connect with someone who gets along with this type of personality, between the ages of 19-25 years old.

15.  For Single Women Ages 23-32

 Our bachelor is is a 34-year-old handsome gentleman from Toronto, Ontario. A former semi pro soccer player, he is now a
successful finance entrepreneur. He obtained his Business CA from Brock University. He is kind, warm, has a cute smile and a fit physique. He would love to one day have a family of his own. He would best connect with a woman who is intelligent, out going, naturally beautiful and has strong family values. Must be a non smoker.


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