Matchmaker Tips For Complimenting a Woman – Going Beyond Her Looks

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As matchmakers for the successful, the driven man, the leader-at-the-top-of-your-game – we are often asked to provide coaching for dating skills.

Indeed, what many people do not realize is that dating is an art in itself – those who are “good” at it find it easier to meet a match who is a good fit for their lifestyle and expectations.

And – if you are a man looking for a woman – what is one of the most important “skills” you can learn while dating?

It’s simply this: how to compliment a woman.

More specifically: how to compliment a woman without referencing her looks.

Generally speaking, women get complimented on their looks far more than men do.

So when you tell a girl she’s beautiful or pretty or gorgeous – it’s extremely likely that not only has she heard it before, but she’s also heard it many, many times before.

Thus, if you do wish to compliment her appearance, try to make your compliment as specific to her appearance as possible. A mundane “Hey, you look beautiful” won’t be as memorable as complimenting her on her exact hair style she chose for the date – or complimenting her on exact physical details, like the little freckles on her face or the way her smile curves.

As professional matchmakers we use a general rule for our clients that it’s usually better to compliment a woman on something she has complete choice over.

So, for example, noting how positively struck you are by her taste in music, or fashion, or literature – or whatever the case may be – can go a long ways. The same is true when you sincerely express to her how amazed you are at something she’s achieved – something that many people would find difficult or even impossible.

This, again, will be much more memorable than some other guy’s dry “You’re pretty” line. She’s heard that one too many times for it to truly stand out in her mind.

There is one more piece of matchmaker expert advice we’ll leave you with here: if you really want to fill her with positive vibes, then genuinely compliment her on the kind of personality and character traits that insecure, not-so-confident men would be intimidated by.

For example, you could mention to her how you find her unapologetic resolve inspiring – or her ability to set up boundaries. Noticing things about her like these – things that would scare off other men – tells her that not only do you pay attention to the details, but also that you’re not like other men.

And that is what gets you the girl. 

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