She’s vivacious, outgoing, and talented. She’s been featured in MAXIM and Vogue Italia, is a professional model, and she’s here to find you the love of your life. Her name is Narley Karikari (pronounced Carrycarry), and she’s the new senior matchmaker at Lyons Elite.

As diverse and versatile as she is beautiful, Narley has actively helped couples plan their weddings by tapping into the event planning skills she’s developed over the past three years. Seeing happy couples together encouraged her to take the plunge into matchmaking. And, as a great judge of character and an excellent communicator, she’s got the skillset needed to find you the girl of your dreams.

Now living in Toronto, Narley describes herself as “adventurous” and “definitely a people person.” And she’s eager to match you with exciting, gorgeous, intelligent women – with whom every date will be a magnificent venture.

We recently sat down with Narley and asked her a bit about herself. So, gentlemen, here’s what Narley has to say about love, tacos in Toronto, and more.



Narley, what does “love” mean to you?

To me, “love” means acceptance and growth. I believe when we receive or give love, our hearts and our lives expand and we learn to grow into our best selves and accept others as they are right now. Love isn’t necessarily easy, but it’s always worth it when you find the right person to love and grow with.


What excites you about finding great women for your clients?

Well, I love the idea of love. My mom always said that “Who you marry either enhances your life or ruins it.” That’s very true for a lot of people, so connecting two people who are right for each other is an incredible opportunity to enrich their lives.


Awesome. Now tell us this. What do you like to do in Toronto during the weekend?

During the weekend, you can find me near the lake or in a park relaxing with friends and enjoying nature and a cold drink.

Sounds like fun. Do you have any favorite spots in Toronto to eat or hang out?

I love the Distillery District for food, particularly El Catrin for tacos…and I also like trying new food trucks around the city that I stumble upon.

What is one thing you really want your clients to know about you?

I’m the type of person who sees you as family. I’m very intentional in my matchmaking process, keeping your bests interests in mind and choosing women for you who really match the kind of man you are.

Quick Facts About Narley

Lyons Elite’s New Senior Matchmaker

Name: Her actual name is Naa-Larley (pronounced Nawh-Larr-Lay), but she usually goes by her nickname “Narley”

Alma Mater: The University of Guelph-Humber for Media Communications & Public Relations — it’s an affiliate program where you get both a BA and a diploma

Age: 24

Hometown: Mississauga

That’s Narley Karikari for you, and she’s excited to learn more about you so she can find you the woman of your dreams. And, with Narley at the matchmaking helm, now is the best time for you to begin a thrilling journey towards meeting the exquisite woman you desire and deserve.