How To Make A Woman Obsess Over You

It’s really a sad fact when you think about it: most guys have no idea how to spark a woman’s interest, especially if she’s hot and beautiful. “The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation,” quipped Thoreau – and odd as it may be to see his name pop up in a vignette about dating – this quote perfectly captures what the world of dating is like for most men. Many men – even good-looking men – have a sense of quiet desperation when trying to get a date with a sexy, attractive woman.

But here’s the good news, guys: your dating life doesn’t have to be this way. Not at all, actually. It’s perfectly possible to learn how to be absolutely magnetic to women – even stunning, beautiful women with looks to die for. It all starts with your frame of mind. As a successful man with high standards for yourself, you know that your frame of mind is what determines your actions – and your actions determine the results. So if you have a bold, go-getting frame of mind, you will have astounding results. If you’re timid and you quickly give up, your results won’t be so hot, will they? It’s the same when it comes to getting a girl to swoon over you.

Let’s put it this way. If your frame of mind is that no girl will find you interesting or good-looking or desirable, then…girls will actually be repelled by you. It’s all about your frame of mind, and how you frame yourself in general when it comes to dating, because this will determine your actions: your body language, the words you use, and so on.

So…how do you get the right frame of mind for dating success?

Let’s cut to the chase. It’s time to reveal a quick question to ask yourself to really help you understand and acquire the right frame of mind. Here’s the question:

“What if you had 20 or 30 or more hot women calling and texting you every day?”

There. Right there. Ask yourself this question, and really imagine what this would look like and how you would act if this happened, day after day. Truly envision it. And here are 3 ways asking yourself this question can get you in the right frame of mind for success with women:


      1. Once you swap numbers, do you call her right away to set up a date? Well, let’s see. If your phone was vibrating every 15 minutes with the text from some hot girl, would you really call or text this “new girl”     right away to set up a date? Probably not. You’d let a bit of time pass by to see if she’s going to be worth your time. Then, when you call her up for a date, you wouldn’t come across as desperate, would you? No, and if she can’t schedule a date any time soon, you don’t worry about it – you move on. Plenty of fish in the sea, after all, and you only have a limited amount of time.

     2. If she flakes on a date with you, do you try to set up another date? No – remember, with this new frame of mind, you’ve got a lot of women interested in you. So if one woman blows you off, you figure she’s not worth your time and you don’t sweat it. You just move on in a confident and calm manner.

     3. Do you idealize her and treat her like a goddess? Once again, no. With this new frame of mind, your time is limited; you have enough beautiful women attracted to you; and you see women as people, neither above or below you. By treating them in a genuine, human way, they’ll be much more interested in you than if you put them on a pedestal.
So, all you ambitious men out there, ask yourself this question and really explore it: “What if I had 20 or 30 or more hot women calling and texting me every day?” And adopt this frame of mind. Make this frame of mind a part of your mental fabric. Pretty soon, it’ll start influencing your behaviour and actions in a positive way with women.

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