Exclusive Matchmaking Service: What It Really Looks Like From An Insider’s Perspective

Exclusive Matchmaking Agency

Insider’s Perspective: What an Exclusive Matchmaking Service Really Looks Like

For some people, it’s hard to find love. And not because they are socially awkward. Or because they don’t have a very large circle of friends. Or because they aren’t good looking. No. These are the people that are generally the last ones to think of turning to an exclusive matchmaking service. 

For some people, it’s hard to find love because they simply don’t have the time. These are the high-flying, striving, driven people of the world who many look up to with envy. They are corporate executives. Business owners. Beautiful models. People at the very top of their career.

And these people are often hard-pressed for time. So they outsource a variety of goals. Shopping. Cooking. House cleaning. And so on.

This is where Emily Lyons‘ exciting business comes in. She’s figured out a way to connect elite men with high-caliber women – women who fit the personality and unique romantic tastes of the men who outsource the task of finding love to her matchmaking company. The eponymous name of her company: Lyons Elite.

“Lyons Elite is a way for very successful men – who realize that time is their most valuable asset – to find love with a beautiful, very intelligent woman,” says Emily Lyons with an enthusiastic flair.

Exclusive Matchmaking Services

But don’t confuse Lyons Elite with Tinder or PlentyOfFish. Lyons Elite is in a class of its own, as it is specifically geared towards exceptionally successful men and the most charming, gorgeous, and talented women. It also has a “secret weapon” that makes it different from other millionaire matchmaking agencies: Emily Lyons is the CEO of Femme Fatale Media, Canada’s most widely-acclaimed event staffing agency. Her event staffing agency has provided talented models to a number of instantly-recognizable brands, such as UFC, Warner Bros., Playboy, and Maxim Magazine. And that means her matchmaking service, Lyons Elite, has an impressive rolodex of model-quality women.

There is a method to “matchmaking for the elite,” says Emily Lyons. First, the agency seeks to understand the client in a very personal way. What does he like to do? What does he want in a woman? Where does he see himself in 10 years? The answers to these questions are used to build a profile of the man, so the matchmakers of Lyons Elite can then hand-pick the women who most closely complement his profile.

Exclusive Matchmaking

And the process of finding women for Lyons Elite is equally rigorous. Emily Lyons calls her team “head hunters for love,” because that’s what they do. Like talent finders of superstar companies and sports teams, only a select number of women are able to join the Lyons Elite program – women who are superstars in their own right. But only men do the paying; women can join for free.

Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, Lyons Elite is poised to take the matchmaking world by storm. “A lot of people have this idea that hiring a matchmaking agency is very uncool,” Emily Lyons remarks. “We’re changing that whole perception. A matchmaking agency saves time, and our particular matchmaking agency allows men to meet women they ordinarily wouldn’t meet – women who are the perfect pairing of beauty and brains. And that’s something that’s really cool.”

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