How to Date a Model – 4 Tips You Can Easily Remember

Take your middle and index fingers and place them on your wrist. Feel that? That’s your pulse, and if it throbs at a quicker pace when you think about dating a model, then this is the how-to guide you’ll want to read.

You might hold the world in your hands, gazing at it as your turn it ever so slightly like an apple between your fingers. You might have conquered life’s uphill battles. You might forged an empire or two. You’re a mogul, and you have the blood of a winner coursing through your veins. But there might be something that’s missing – a beautiful, drop-dead gorgeous, smart woman in your life. The kind of woman all men want but only you can have because you’re that kind of guy. How, then, do you go about dating a model? I’m not going to waste your time on this significant question, so let’s get right to it.

1. Keep All This in Mind

Be all-star. You’ve rocked the world with your talents, ambition, relentless drive, and smarts. Why then should you look up to a model as if she was on some kind of pedestal? Instead, be your sexy, confident self and don’t be afraid to ask a model out on a date. I’ve worked with many, many models over my career (which includes my experience with models here at Lyons Elite, the Toronto matchmaking service), I can assure you that models are often very surprised when a man asks them out. Why? Because most men are too intimidated of inviting them on a date. Thus, when a man is cool, collected, confident, and assertive enough to go after what he wants – just about any model would be interested in that! Just do it.

Tip: Don’t “ask” her out on a date. Tell her you’re going on a date with her (“I’m taking you out for drinks this weekend”). This will, once again, affirm that you’re a man of assertive and definite action.

2. Don’t compliment her body parts. Just don’t.

This is something we teach as dating coaches for our Toronto matchmaking service. Any model is bombarded with an endless list of compliments regarding her body parts – these comments, loosely hurled over the years – mean little to her at this point. Instead, be observant and compliment something about her which no one else would (“You seem like the kind of woman who likes meaningful conversation”). You’ll stand out in her mind – but keep the right perspective too. After all, she also needs to stand out in your mind and impress you, right? Because you’re that good.

3. Don’t be too jealous, and remember – she’s a person, too.

As a stunning beauty, any model is sure to get the attention of the men around her. Do not get needlessly jealous over this. Possessiveness can instantly kill attraction. Instead, be confident that she’ll be interested in you because of your magnetic personality and charm.

4. Date a model who matches your personality.

How can you find a model that “clicks” with you? It’s simple – find the right Toronto matchmaker. Lyons Elite was founded by Emily Lyons, the CEO of Femme Fatale Media Group – a model staffing agency. Her experience with models over the years ensures that you can meet a model who’s just right for you.

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