How to Pick Up A Model 101

How to Pick Up a Model 101

For the man of ambition, it is quite desirable to have a lovely woman at his side.

A stunning beauty with looks to die for. A model. An alluring model who’s a class act.

Yet, despite having driven the flashiest cars, jetpacked over blue lakes, or hiked Alpine destinations…it sometimes seems a near impossible quest to woo a knock-out model.

This is madness, of sorts, because you really can pick up a model and go on to date her – if you so wish.

You only need to know how.

And the “how” will no longer be a mystery to you now – because here is the “how” in all of its unmasked glory.


Before Picking Up a Model

  1. Get in physical shape. Do not let your body get out of shape – master your body. Work out. You do not need to become an Olympian athlete, but you must strongly consider having a regular work-out regimen and a fitness coach.

  3. Get in mental shape. You may already have a razor-sharp mind. Yet even the smartest, most driven among us can have deficiencies with regards to mental outlook. You should train your mind in such a way that you have a healthy perspective of yourself. That means an unshakeable inner confidence. The knowledge that you do not need anyone’s approval in order to be someone of high worth. In other words, you should learn to truly love yourself.

  5. Dress with attention to detail. If you have not studied the art of styling your fashion look – you should begin to. Even knowing how to match colors and fabrics in an appealing manner will do much for your overall appearance – and appearance goes a long ways. Consider hiring your own personal stylist to give your look a timeless, sexy, smart “edge.”

  7. Set standards for yourself. Before venturing into the world of dating models, set standards. Merely because a woman is exceptionally attractive does not mean you will find her interesting or worth your while. Determine in your own mind (or even write it down) the attributes of a woman you would consider dating.
  8. Go where models go. Models stay trim and fit, so you will find them at health-oriented food bars and venues where they go for lunch. You may find them at high-end bars and nightclubs – particularly in the VIP sections. You will find them at major events – fashion or otherwise.


The Pick Up

  1. Don’t gawk over her – and don’t be so obviously impressed or bedazzled by her beauty. Beauty isn’t a talent. It’s genetic. So don’t get too obviously carried away with her looks. After all, 999 out of 1000 guys she interacts with will be gawking over her like she’s a creature from another planet. She’s not. She’s a human, just like you.

  3. Be yourself – confident, collected, cocky, and funny. If you have not developed an attractive personality, find a coach who will help you with that. Have a pleasing, charming smile – and strut around with confidence. Be yourself – you don’t need to impress anyone.

  5. Engage in a conversation with her. Start a conversation with her just like you would with anyone else. If you must compliment her (and this is not encouraged, because – after all – most guys are throwing compliments her way faster than you can count them), compliment her on something other than her looks. When you engage in conversation, see if she meets your standards. She must meet your standards, not the other way around – this is how you should frame your interaction with her.

  7. Be a great conversationalist. Master the art of being a phenomenal conversationalist – and be a social butterfly. It is best if you are at ease when interacting with people, and this confidence comes from continued practice of carrying out a thrilling conversation with any stranger.

  9. Give her an experience, not money, on a first date. On a first date with this bombshell, give her an exciting, memorable experience – instead of just wining and dining her in some expensive restaurant (all the other guys are doing that, so dare to be different). Take her out to a park with some lunch, go on a boat ride – anything that emphasizes the experience over wealth. This will help you bond with her in a more real, relevant, and meaningful way.

There you have it. It is my hope that now you realize that, yes, you really can date a gorgeous model. You simply must use the right principles, the right techniques, and operate with the right frame of mind. Get to it!


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