Holiday Gift Guide for Singles

Gifts For Singles

One wouldn’t think that buying a gift for a single person is any different than buying one for a coupled-up person, but there is a slight difference. While a coupled person will be distracted by time with their partner, a single person is their own partner over the holidays.

So think gifts that add extra comfort, coziness and entertainment to their life! Never assume, of course, that a single person is sad to be so, this is more about acknowledging that they are single and their needs may be different. Check out some of our gift ideas for single friends in your life, and don’t forget to buy locally as often as possible! Local independent businesses have majorly suffered this year due to the pandemic and need your support.

1. Beverages, duh! A no-brainer gift is always a great bottle of whiskey or wine, and for those who abstain from alcohol, a quality tea or coffee set will always be welcome.

2. Do they have an Amazon wishlist? Do your research, then find a product they want from a local business!

3. Donate to a charity that you know would be close to their heart in their name. Anybody who doesn’t appreciate this is a grinch!

4. Books! Do you know what they’re into? Cooking, fiction, poetry, philosophy, business, self-help, art? Not sure? Buy them a gift certificate from their local independent bookstore. Don’t live in the same town? You can still arrange it through the bookstore over the phone.

5. Personalized gifts. Sure, buying gifts is great but any single would so appreciate a list of all the things you like about them and why you’re proud of them and how you see them, far, far, more. They will cherish those words and it will surely bring them holiday warmth. Sometimes single people feel invisible.

6. A subscription to an interesting streaming channel. Are they artsy? The Criterion Collection has a streaming service, and another one called Mubi has an amazingly curated rotating list of independent and classic arthouse films with international representation. Or may they want more mainstream like Crave or Apple TV. Casually ask what streaming services they use, if any, then gift them with a new one. That gift will go a long way over the cold winter months.

7. Warmth. People who don’t have a warm body to cuddle up to at night appreciate warm, quality blankets even more. Go for a heavy down duvet, a quality linen set, heated or weighted blankets, or the softest throws possible. Oh, and did we mention – shop local? All these ideas are a Google search away for local businesses that carry them.

8. Gift certificates for local restaurants that deliver. Another way to support local businesses and your single friends! Cooking while single is often less inspiring, plus they have to eat leftovers for days if they make a meal-meal. It is single people that order food the most, so treat them to a deliverable meal from an amazing local restaurant. Who doesn’t love food?!

9. Plants. Arrange a delivery from a local plant store of a really interesting houseplant (not just flowers, they die too soon). Plants give life to spaces, require attention and care, and uplift the spirits. Are they not so great at plant care? Ensure care instructions are included or go for the lowest maintenance plants.

10. A phone/video call. Really. Again, if your friend has everything they need materially, what is most meaningful is you letting them you’d love to catch up with them because you miss them, and set up a call, or more than just one. Again, sometimes singles feel invisible, and that means a lot. Unless they are super introverted and hate the phone. If so, don’t do this 🙂

Always let the singles know that they are loved and seen because they often watch their best friends disappear into their romantic relationships. Thoughtful gifts help, even if it’s just being there.

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