The Rise of ‘Hesidating’: More and More Singles Are Putting Off Serious Relationships

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What Is ‘Hesidating’ And Is It Ruining Your Dating Life?

As the pandemic took hold, traditional dating was nearly out of the question. Understandably so, as people were either unable to go on physical dates or felt uncertain about exposing themselves to possible infection. However, years later in 2022 (almost 2023) and we are now seeing a different attitude towards romantic relationships. This is best described as “hesidating”; With life being so uncertain right now, it can be difficult to decide whether you want to pursue a more serious or casual relationship.

In the wake of the pandemic, many singles have acquired an enduring feeling of insecurity concerning dating, thus giving life to this novel species of dater–the ‘Hesidaters’. Hesidaters are consistently on the lookout for any excuse to terminate a relationship regardless how great someone might appear. While several regions around the world have discovered ways to coexist with Covid-19, it is undeniable that this virus has posed substantial roadblocks in regard to people’s love lives during these past two, almost three, years that lives on.

Hesidating is thus a combination of emotions, uncertainty, and caution that can be observed among singles in the post pandemic-ridden world. It’s not just about being wary when it comes to physical interaction with someone; it’s about feeling unconfident when it comes to the process of dating itself, and that can be quite daunting. During the tumultuous recent years, many people have been left feeling uncertain and vulnerable. For those already battling anxiety or avoidance issues around relationships, this insecurity can manifest itself in an apprehension towards commitment and hesitation when considering taking a chance on a relationship.

Hesidating may also be sparked by individuals attempting to evaluate their emotional and social endurance after the pandemic. We were all forced to restrict our mingling in the last two years, so hesitating before diving into dating is natural; it can demand a lot of emotional strength. Even those who are determined to begin something serious could still find themselves hesidating due to uncertainty around whether or not their potential partner holds all desired qualities for them in a relationship.

Hesidaters often hesitate to commit or make progress in relationships, as they become overwhelmed by the idea of being stuck with someone who isn’t quite a perfect match. In this post-Covid era when time is at an even greater premium, hesitancy can effectively stifle any potential for long-term intimacy. The hesitancy stems from their inner struggle over making decisions – both romantic and otherwise – providing them with reasons not to take risks on love that could potentially pay off later down the line.


How to Handle a Hesidater

In order to support someone who is hesidating, it’s important to be patient, understanding, and accepting. It’s also helpful to provide a safe space where they can express their thoughts without feeling judged or obligated. Open communication is key in these scenarios, since hesitaters often grapple with the idea of being vulnerable and making themselves heard.

Overall, it’s important to remember that feeling hesitant about dating at this particular moment in time isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It’s okay to take your time when it comes to matters of the heart and to feel hesitant about diving into a serious relationship.


How Do You Know If You’re the One Hesidating?

The best way to find out if you’re hesidating is by reflecting on how your feelings have evolved since the beginning of the pandemic. If you feel a sense of apprehension or even dread when it comes to committing to a relationship, then chances are that you’re hesidating.

It’s also helpful to consider how you’re interacting with potential partners. Are you hesitant to make plans or do you find yourself making excuses as to why your relationship is not progressing? If this is the case, then it’s likely that hesidating is at play.

Despite the uncertainty, there is hope! If you find yourself hesidating, it’s important to remember that there are ways to move past this and create meaningful connections. Making a conscious effort to calm the anxious thoughts and focus on what you want in your love life can help push through the fear of taking risks. Additionally, recognizing some of the common triggers that cause hesidating can help remove some of the external pressure and enable you to make decisions with more clarity. With a bit of self-reflection, patience, and understanding, it is possible to move beyond hesidating and take the plunge into new romantic possibilities. It’s important to remember that taking risks can sometimes pay off in the long run. Allowing yourself to be vulnerable while also giving yourself time is one of the best recipes for success when it comes to navigating relationships in the post-pandemic world.

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