Flirting After 50!

Dating Tips for over 50

 Dating after 50 might seem scary… and might actually be scary in the beginning. Although you’re older than you imagined yourself to be dating, the first mistake is thinking that dating is different than it was when you were younger. Most will find that getting into the dating world at a later age is actually simpler. Dating is more straightforward, direct, and less like drama than when you were a teen. 

Falling in love is exciting. What makes it so wonderful is the incredible youthful spirit that accompanies new love and that is true at any age. When you are dating, regardless of your age, you still feel like a teenager at heart. You’ll experience the same excitement of wondering about every step as you did when you were young. Did he like me? Will he call? 

Our matchmakers at Lyons Elite are sharing a few of our favourite short tips and tricks for those dating after 50: 

  1. Make brief eye contact  – Just a few seconds of brief eye contact will let the other person know you’re interested 
  2. Smile – It is important to smile so you’re letting the other person know that you’re a happy and approachable person
  3. Be sultry – Being sultry is sexy and captivating. Try “smizing” to really hold his attention
  4. Have fun! – Everyone loves the life of the party! This will attract positive attention and get noticed

Flirting is light-hearted and fun, the purpose of flirting is to use your body language and non-verbal communication to encourage men to risk approaching and talking to you. When flirting is done well, you are silently vocalizing that you are available and interested.

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