Feature Member: Linda

Matchmaker TorontoMatchmaker Toronto

Age:  56

Job:  Entrepreneur, owner of a small sales agency

Hometown:  Mississauga


Hobbies: Gardening, cooking, entertaining, stock investing, yoga, interior design, travel and I’m a passionate abstract artist with my own website


Nicknames:  Lin (only by a select few)

Favourite Drink:  A full bodied chardonnay

Favourite Food:  Braised short ribs, or a steak

Birth Sign:  Aquarius

You in a nutshell  I am a very down to earth warm & friendly woman.  I embrace my life and  enjoy making memories.  I am very much a go getter and like to stay busy, but do enjoy my down time as well.  My family & friends are very important to me.  I love to cook for people and enjoy conversation around a dinner table.  It’s the European in me.  I’m the proud mother of twin girls who are my proudest accomplishment!  So much more but that’s the Coles version.

If you are a client and interested in meeting Linda, please contact your matchmaker to see if you’re a fit. If you aren’t a client, please submit an application here. 

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