Feature Member: Joce

Matchmaking Toronto

Meet our feature member, Joce!

Age: 26

Job: Marketing Manager/ Nanny/ Model

Location: Toronto, Canada

Hometown: London

Hobbies: Travel, Photography, Anything outdoors, going out to restaurants and Cooking

Nicknames: Joce, Jossboss

Favourite Drink: Cider or any passion fruit cocktail

Favourite Food: Authentic taco’s or a nice steak dinner

Birth Sign: Aries

You in a nutshell: Very much of a go getter, like to stay busy, I’m very extroverted so I love being with my family and friends, I love traveling to new places and trying new things and learning new cultures. Very active love hiking/biking/swimming and lifting. I am a huge foodie and travelled to Italy solely for the food. I love cooking for everyone too, and get called with requests. 

If you are a client and interested in meeting Joce, please contact your matchmaker to see if you’re a fit. If you aren’t a client, please submit an application here. 

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