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We are on the lookout for the perfect match for one of our most cherished clients at Lyons Elite, whom we’ll refer to as P to maintain her confidentiality. P embodies a blend of warmth, determination, and a zest for life that makes her an exceptional individual.

About P: P is a hardworking founder and CEO of a successful company. Despite her busy professional life, she is a devoted mother to a young son, finding joy in every moment they spend together. Her vibrant personality shines through her love for meeting new people, dining out, and exploring new places. She stays active through bike riding, hiking, and teaching yoga, making her a dynamic and health-conscious individual.

Personal Interests: P’s passion for life extends to her love for dogs and children, and she is always eager to try new things and create fresh experiences. Her entrepreneurial spirit is matched by her dedication to her family, making her a balanced and grounded individual.

Ideal Match: P is looking for a gentleman who shares her values and lifestyle. Her ideal match would be:

  • Honest and Loyal: Integrity and faithfulness are paramount.
  • Hardworking and Motivated: Someone who understands the drive and dedication required to succeed.
  • Intelligent and Communicative: A man who can engage in meaningful conversations and connect on an intellectual level.
  • Family-Oriented: Someone who values family and is interested in creating a loving, stable environment.
  • Open to New Experiences: Willing to try new things and embrace life’s adventures.

P is based in Toronto but is open to connections from different locations and ages. While she is Jewish, she is open to all faiths, emphasizing a broad-minded and inclusive approach to her search.

Referral Information: If you or someone you know someone who might be a great fit for this extraordinary bachelorette, please get in touch at

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