Is Falling In Love Instant or Gradual?

Falling in love - tips from Emily Lyons

Is falling in love instant or gradual? 4 true stories show the beautifully unpredictable nature of falling in love

It’s February, which means that heart-shaped candies are all the rage now – and an explosion of red and pink decor can be seen in shops and malls and homes.

In other words: love is in the air.

And, to add gusto to that sentiment, we’re asking ourselves this question: does falling in love happen in a single moment – in a single breathless second or minute – or does it occur more gradually?

We have our own verdict on that question, but first we’ll share 4 true stories of individuals who fell in love with someone – and when they knew they were in love.


Falling in love at the movies: “We were just seeing a movie at the cinema together, and I just…felt like I loved her. So I told her. I asked her whether she loved me, and she asked what love is. So I kissed her. I honestly don’t know whether what I felt then really was love, but what I felt for the rest of our relationship sure was.”

Falling in love is a remarkable thing, precisely because it can happen at the most apparently mundane of moments – as well as spectacular moments.  


Love means caring for another’s future: “When I realized that I cared more about her future and happiness than my own. We had been getting closer as friends for the past 6 months or so and had flirted a fair amount, so I assumed that she liked me but I wasn’t at a place in my life where I was ready to date. Naturally I did the only reasonable thing in that scenario and asked her if she wanted to get married.”

This is actually a good litmus test to see if you really, really want to be with someone and give them your love. If their future and true happiness profoundly matters to you, then that’s real love right there.


Realizing you want what you already have: “I first realized I was in love a year after we lived together. Special circumstances caused me to move in with him after our first ‘date,’ but I was angry and confused as my world had just shattered. I took it all out on him, but he never retaliated. He just took care of me as best he could. He was still sweet and caring. He didn’t let my mistreatment turn him into a terrible person. After a year of this, I finally got my life somewhat figured out and realized I wanted what I already had. This wonderful man who loves me. He is the best man I know. I fell in love with him then, but I fall in love all over again when I remember what we have been through together and I see what kind of man I have.”

Sometimes, it takes difficult life experiences to make you realize just how fiercely you are in love with someone.


Love is in the unexpected moments: “When I knew: she took my daughter to go get changed when we went camping. It hit me as I watched them holding hands walking away from me towards the bathrooms.”

One moment, you might be blissfully unaware of your deep feelings for someone. And the next moment? You’re in love.


Our verdict: Falling in love is a beautifully unpredictable thing. Everyone’s story will be remarkably unique in its own right.

So, our question to you: what will your story be?  


(Whatever your story of love ends up being, the matchmakers at Lyons Elite can help make it happen for you.)

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