Executive Dating – 3 Tips Every Woman Should Know

Our matchmaking agency works with very successful, high-profile men and we have learned the ins and outs of what makes them tick. Here are a few of our top 3 tips to increase your chances of capturing the interest of a CEO.

1. Charm him out of talking about work – His life is predominately work focused, give him some new conversation and charm worth getting caught up with. Even if he loves his job he will not want to talk all about it on a date, keep things light heartened and fun.

2. All men like a bit of a challenge, but don’t make things too difficult – It’s no secret that men like the hunt, but keep in mind that a successful executive is generally very busy. His time is very valuable and he expects others to respect that. This means don’t cancel or reschedule dates, don’t be late and don’t take your time in returning calls and texts. Additionally Lyons Elite expects the highest caliber from the ladies we match up with our clients, if you’re unreliable you will be removed from our database and no longer submitted to potential matches.

3. Be honest about your feelings and don’t play games – Ah the golden rule! If you want to date an affluent men you need to simply treat him how you want to be treated. A CEO or other high profile gentlemen is not the average guy and will certainly not put up with poor behaviour from you. Always remember that it’s very easy for him to date beautiful women. If we have selected you to go out with one of our clients it’s because you have much more than just looks. Being a gorgeous model is great, but it certainly isn’t everything. Remember kindness, being humble, confidence and intelligence make the complete package.

Until the next blog,

Emily Lyons

CEO, Lyons Elite Luxury Matchmaking

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