Wondering What to Talk About on Your First Date? Here Are 4 Interesting Ideas from an Elite Matchmaking Firm

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Running an elite matchmaking firm we literally hear it all. So we know you are probably a tiny bit anxious about your first date with someone (or even second or third date) – perhaps because it’s been a while since you’ve been in the “dating game”? Maybe you’re wondering if they’ll like what you wear. Or that a dozen awkward silences will punctuate the air as your mind comes up blank with something to talk about.

Of course, if your wardrobe is vexing you, then our elite matchmaking firm (Lyons Elite) can tackle that issue through image consulting.

And if your concerns fall into the latter category, then here’s something to help ease your worries: some interesting and revealing questions to ask your date. Quick note: asking them these questions as if you’re reading from a script is rather pointless; but they can be used effectively as a refreshing opening to learning more about your date – and yourself.

Thus, to get your juices flowing, here are a few things you can ask your date about.


  • “So, what gets you out of bed in the morning?” This is a great question because it helps you discover their real, authentic passion in life. While many people are immersed and thoroughly in love with their career, not everyone is. So this question – instead of “What do you do for a living?” – is much more revealing.


  • “What do you like to do when it’s raining outside?” This is a light, playful question – but listen closely to the answer, and you’ll almost certainly find more to talk about and explore (particularly if you can relate to their answer).


  • “What sort of songs do you listen to when you’re feeling down?” Talking about musical tastes with your date? You might want throw this one into the mix! Because this is an emotionally deep question – it’s probably best to only bring this one up if it fits well with the general flow of the conversation – it’s something that can build a stronger emotional bond between you and your date.


  • “What was this like for you?” Ask this if your date is telling you about something that they experienced in their life. This is an emotionally stimulating question because it turns the angle of the conversation from something that happened to them to something that they reacted to and had feelings about. For example, many people would simply say something like “Well, that’s unfortunate” if their date mentions that one of their best friends recently moved to another country. But asking “What was this like for you?” gives them the space to discuss the true emotional and personal impact of this event.

Want more great advice in your pursuit of love? Consider getting in touch with a prestigious matchmaking agency like Lyons Elite, and learn how we can effectively find you the love of your life.

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