Dating Tips – How To Flirt Without Being Creepy!

Dating Tips - How To Flirt

This might seem like common knowledge, trust us, it isn’t. Flirting is an art that takes practise. So read our tips and then get out there, the more you do it the more comfortable you will become. You’ll be ready for when that unicorn woman walks into the room.

1. Be Subtle – Okay so you spot a beautiful woman across the room you would like to talk to, now what? First of all you want to get her attention. Gaze over at her, but don’t just stare, that’s just weird. Glance at them, when you catch their eyes smile and look away. If she smiles back, she is game. Wait a moment, and then walk up confidently.

2. Be Prepared – Being prepared prior to approaching is key. Know what you are going to say, and have some responses ready in your mind. Remember to be brave and bold with good eye contact. Body language is key! If you can, always be funny.

An opening line like “You guys were talking about me weren’t you? Well, why not?” followed by a cute smile. Making a woman and her friends laugh is a guaranteed in! Another great line is to act like you are going to compliment her with “you are so…” and then pause, making her think you are going to say beautiful, then say “in my way!” Make sure to follow it up with a wink and a smile. If you do it right, it guarantees a laugh! But be sure to follow it up with introducing yourself.

3. Make Your Exit – Okay so you’ve successfully got her attention, approached and now the conversation is going. The key now is to not wear out your welcome, make your exit quickly. If its not likely you will run into her soon on your own, its time to ask for their number. You are most likely very nervous and maybe even feel like barfing, well its time to pull up your big boy pants, after all the worse case is they say no!

Remember the more you put yourself out there the better you will get, but it takes practise. The first few times you approach somebody its natural to be anxious, but the more you do it the more comfortable and better with it you will become!

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