How To Date In 2020 – Tips From A Celebrity Matchmaker

Dating In 2020

As a matchmaker I liked to think that I had heard and seen it all in the dating world…then 2020 came along. Dating is difficult in the best of times, so throw in a pandemic and absolutely anyone would find themselves in unfamiliar and tricky territory! So how do you navigate finding a life partner when you aren’t supposed to be around people?

Be Flexible

Keep in mind some people will only be comfortable with video dating at this time. You don’t know someone’s underlying conditions, or their family members, so don’t assume or pressure anyone into meeting right away. Be honest and have the conversation at the right time, ask them if they are eventually meeting matches in person. However be flexible and patient. Don’t miss out on a good thing because you’re too eager to wait.

Be Safe, Be Smart

Keep first dates to outside where its far less likely to transmit the virus, and both wear masks (communicate this upfront). They aren’t pretty, but safety first. Go for a walk, hit up an outdoor patio, go for a bike ride, or plan a picnic! Another great way? Both get a Covid test! Than you can be completely at ease meeting in person!

Get Back To Courtship!

Take advantage of the fact that your first impressions are going to be from afar, use it to court them in old fashion ways! Cute notes, send flowers, take the time to genuinely find out what they like! Instead of swiping right and meeting everyone on the dating apps, you’re actually taking the time to build a genuine connection and putting the effort in, which will make it all the more rewarding and successful when you do meet!

Take advantage of the fact that your first impressions are going to be from afar, use it to court them in old fashion ways!

Put Some Effort Into Virtual Dates

You don’t just have to do boring FaceTime chats, you can really put some effort into planning something unique! Have a movie night together or play games over drinks. You can even have restaurant deliver the same meal to you both and share it together virtually!

Communication is key

You can’t get to know each other or make anything work if your communication skills suck (sorry introverts, you’re going to need to step it up!). Be open and have deep and meaningful conversations. Seeing as you can’t meet everyone right off that bat and removes body language, verbal communication is all the more important. Avoid the small talk and OPEN UP!

This new world we are currently living in places so many restrictions on us, and makes looking for love all the more tricky. But they also present some unique opportunities to focus on what really matters in finding a partner. Strip away the flashy distractions and focus on what truly matters – do I have a connection with this person? Are we compatible? Do we have good conversations? Could you make each others lives better being in it?

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Celebrity Matchmaker Emily Lyons

Emily Lyons is the founder & CEO of Lyons Elite Matchmaking. As a celebrity matchmaker to some of the world’s most elite, she writes about dating, relationships and love.

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