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Below is a short list of our active clients at Lyons Elite Matchmaking. Think you could be a match? Join for free database here, our matchmakers will contact you if we believe you might be a fit for one or more of our paying clients.

Below is a very short list, we have more bachelor and bachelorettes. All religions, sizes, genders, and locations are welcome to join! Want more information about becoming a paid client? Contact us at

Please note the majority of our clients are based in Canada (Toronto, Ontario)


FEMALE  -5’3 petite bachelorette, who works in tech, 36 yrs old, very fit + active, enjoys hanging out at her cottage on weekends in the summer, or cheering on the Raptors.

MALE – 6’1, 43 year old, who is a business owner, very fit + active, enjoys travel, boating, cottaging + playing soccer.

MALE – 5’11 bachelor, 54 yrs old, chairman of four companies, he has a good sense of humour, he is kind, honest, and an all around genuine guy. He is a hopeless romantic, loves to travel, and is quite spontaneous in nature.

MALE –  6’1 bachelor, builds and invests in companies and currently an executive at a tech company, 32 yrs old, very active, and creative.

MALE –  54 year old, 6’1, handsome, easy going, generous and a fun bachelor who is a family man. He is very successful, active, enjoys travel, golfing, hiking, biking and skiing.

MALE – 33 years old, stands at 5’11, calls Toronto his home, works in finance, is very fit +active, enjoys travel, golfing + the occasional night out.

FEMALE –  5’7, 35 years old, successful, very funny, easy going, enjoys travel, + spending time at the cottage being on the water.

MALE –  5’7 bachelor, 36 yrs old, works in finance, introverted, A simple man with good taste in fashion

MALE  –  5’9 bachelor, who is 67 yrs old, but young for his age, very fit, loves golfing, reading, writing in coffee shops, travelling, and experiencing new things.

MALE  – 5’11 bachelor,  54 yrs old,  ambitious, and stable with a great sense of humour. He loves fine dining, travelling, being on the water, boating, golfing, skiing in the winter, or just going on a long drive with no destination.

FEMALE  – 29 years old, successful, active and adventurous. She loves travelling and her favourite places she has travelled so far are Australia + Italy. She is spontaneous + loves to try out new restaurants.

FEMALE – 5’6, 40 years old, independent family oriented woman, who believes health and fitness are important, loves to travel, cook, and is extremely honest to a fault.

FEMALE – 5’5, 35 years old, very successful, loves to volunteer and attend community events, enjoys hosting people and is extremely active.

FEMALE  – 5’7, 48 years old, family woman, career oriented and very intelligent, dresses to impress and is often spontaneous.

FEMALE  – 5’6, 43 years old, professional equestrian who spends her summers in Toronto and winters in Palm Beach.

FEMALE – 5’4, 52 years old, has a great sense of humour,  loves to cook and is always up for adventures.

FEMALE – 5’5, 40 years old, Vancouver based Bachelorette, extremely successful as Founder and CEO of a company. Loves fitness, fashion, design and architecture.

MALE– 5’10, 37 years old, entrepreneur and investor, loves to stay active, and spends the weekends painting the town red.

MALE  – 6’3, 61 years old, restaurateur, loves to travel, golf, dine out, explore new things, and spend time with his dogs.

MALE  – 5’11, 40 years old, self made and very successful. Enjoys reading, sports,  going to movies and anything cultural based.

MALE – well respected internationally for his inventions, enjoys interesting conversations,playing racquet sports, yoga travelling and music.


MALE  – Featured as one of Toronto Life’s most influential people, he is a wildly successful entrepreneur and philanthropist. Enjoys cooking, dining, travelling extensively, contemporary art and fashion.

MALE – 5’9. 37 years old, successful lawyer, who enjoys working out, travelling, music, comedies and hanging with his family and friends.


FEMALE – 5’3, 55 years old, successful, loves travelling, socializing, watching the Raptors, hosting, and meeting new people. Full of energy and laughter.

MALE  – 43 years old, successful, enjoys travel, working out, cooking, boxing and yoga, and experiencing new places he has never been before. 

FEMALE :  Toronto living 30yr old, 5’1 seeking 28 –40yr old man, who is family oriented, educated, successful, good communicator with great sense of humour.

FEMALE :  Lives in Georgetown, Ontario. 44yr old, 5’6 separated with 2 children. Willing to travel 70 km or as far as Toronto. Fitness driven, energetic, enjoys walking in nature or walking downtown Toronto.  Seeking man 30 to 50yr old with any faith or religion, must love children, funny, successful, and a great friend.

FEMALE : Toronto living 30yr old Dentist, vibrant, athletic, seeking a professional, a gentleman who speaks Polish.

FEMALE :  Toronto living Physician, 35yr old, Hong Kong born, grew up in Toronto, loves running, and road racing has been one of her passions for last 15 years.  Seeking an Asian partner who is 32 to 40 years old, athletic, kind, and financially secure in his profession.

FEMALE :  Toronto living 64rs old lady, active, outgoing, loves to travel, and read mystery novels, with great sense of humour.   Seeking a partner who is 60 to 70yr old, overall a nice man, with great sense of humour.  A man who is comfortable walking around Paris sightseeing, and would love to talk for hours over a glass of wine. 

FEMALE :  A 36yr old beautiful Psychiatrist, seeking for a serious relationship 29 to 45yr old genuine man, who is athletic, holds strong family values, independent, loyal, reliable, responsible, and hardworking to match her personality.

FEMALE:  37yr old, from Milton, Ontario. Separated with 2 children. Seeking a 35 to 45-year-old man with family values, who loves children, faithful, kind, dependable, and a good listener.

FEMALE :  60yr old 5’6, Mississauga ont. Based young and vibrant spirited, fun loving lady, seeks a gentleman who is 5’10 -6’6. A happy, man with great sense of humour, elegant, intelligent, who enjoys ballroom and loves to laugh. 

FEMALE  Lives St. Laurent QC.  willing to relocate. 57yr old, 5’8.  A beautiful person inside and out. Loves life, full of energy. Seeking a 57 to 69yr of age, 5’10 to 6’4.  Looking to connect physically, emotionally, spiritually, mentally, and socially. 

MALE:    Toronto living Production Manager in VFX,  28yr. 5’9, chill, easy going, lives a stress-free life.  Looking for 20 to 27, 5’0 to 5’7petite female, who does not like a drink alcohol or bars and clubs.  who loves to travel and likes the outdoors.

FEMALE :    Toronto living stunning Attorney, 30 yr old 5’2.  Enjoys Yoga, dancing, travelling, and looking for 30 – 37yr old partner, 5’6 to 6’2, confident, smart, funny, and with business-oriented mind. 

FEMALE :  Toronto, Ont. 46yr, 5’5, Major in Finance and Strategy with 2 Master degrees, speaks 4 languages, has travelled the world, and into fitness. Seeking a 43- 53 yr old partner, 5’8 to 6’2, who is kind, loving fluent in emotional intelligence and open minded.

FEMALE :    Toronto, Ont.  56 yr old. 5’4, English Language Educator, enjoys healthy lifestyle and looking 53 to 65-year-old, 5’9 to 6’11, who is sophisticated, discreet, respectful, and  open minded.

FEMALE :    Toronto, Ont. 35yr 5’2 background in Finance. Kind, shy, ambitious, and hard working. Looking for 30 to 42 yr old man, 5’7 to 6’2 professional, easy going,  make her laugh, initiate conversation, ambitious, and intelligent with great sense of humour.

FEMALE :    Parry Sound, Ont. And Florida in the winter. 44 yrs. of age 5’8, retired RCMP Officer. Animal lover, loves to paint, a great communicator.  Seeking a 38 to 48 yr. 5’9 to 7’11.  Emotionally available, and knows what he wants in a relationship. 

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