How To Approach A Beautiful Woman Successfully

Approaching a beautiful woman

Five Things You Need To Know To Successfully Approach Beautiful Women

There she is sitting across the room, smiling, laughing and commanding the attention of everyone around her. She is fun and beautiful, just the type of woman you are looking to meet – if only you were brave enough to approach her. Are your palms getting sweaty just thinking about it? Stop right now. Here are our sure fire ways to make sure you can approach a beautiful woman successfully with ease.

1. Stop. Being. Nervous. Okay, we can’t stress this enough. Being confident and having an easy going attitude is one of the most attractive things about a man. It may seem hard, so get out there and practise. Take every opportunity you can to approach and chat up beautiful women. Don’t take the pick up approach, be a little mysterious.

2. Don’t ask her out. Don’t jump right into asking her on a date. It is cliche and puts up a lot of women’s guard. Instead ask for her email. It’s 2017 and almost every woman would feel comfortable giving it out. Then when she is writing it down for you, tell her to add her name and number. Be casual about it and don’t ask, just tell her.

3. Don’t get branded in the friend zone. First impressions are always important, and especially in this scenario. The last thing you want is to be seen as a cute, potential new guy friend. Don’t be shy and overly sweet and remember to come on with strength and confidence.

4. Look the part! You wouldn’t show up to a job interview in sweat pants? This is no different. Come prepared and have your stuff together. Stay well groomed, wear decent clothes and always look your best. But we do suggest you avoid any over the top fashions or fancy suits. You want to come off as a confident but normal gentleman who has his stuff together.

5. Keep it short. Get in and get out with the conversation. Say you have friends waiting for you or somewhere to be, then turn and leave. It shows that you have a life and don’t need her validation. You aren’t a lost little puppy dog just hoping for the chance to be with her. Also staying too long gives you more time to get nervous and say the wrong thing! Know what you want to say ahead of time and go for it!

With a little practise you will master this in no time. Looking for more dating tips? You can view all of our blogs here. Looking for your ideal beautiful woman and don’t have time to find her? Contact our matchmaking team to get started on finding your perfect match today.

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