5 First Date Ideas in Toronto


Now that the dating agency for professionals has come up with a match, it’s time to meet face to face. That can be a little scary, especially for someone who has not been on a date in some time. One of the ways to put everyone at ease is to come up with ideas for that first date that are casual, relaxing, and provide the opportunity to get to know one another a little better. Here are five ideas for that first date to consider.

Start With Coffee

The idea of spending an entire evening together may be a bit much for that first date. If both of you are a little nervous, think about a lunchtime date at a local coffee house. Boxcar Social on Yonge Street is a casual place that offers the benefit of great coffee and simple things to eat. If weather permits, you can eat outside. Assuming all goes well, the two of you can make plans for that second date.

Go for Live Theater

Instead of going with the typical dinner and a movie combination, why not try a round of live theater for that first date? The Theatre Passe Muraille on Ryerson has shows throughout the week, so it’s fine if that first date happens on a Wednesday evening. With plenty of places to grab a bit nearby, it will be easy to leave the theater and discuss the show over a nice meal.

How About a Helicopter Tour?

Think of what it would be like to board a helicopter and enjoy an aerial view of the city. Helitours at the Billy Bishop Airport can make that happen. You and your date for the evening can sit back and enjoy the view, laugh, and think about where you would like to go for something to eat later.

Something Scary

For people who love a good scare, think about going to The Haunted Walk on Esplanade. Enjoy the walking tour of some of the creepiest places in town. If both of you happen to enjoy learning more about the history of the town, rest assured the tour guides can answer any questions. After the tour, you’ll find plenty of places to stop in, have something to eat, and discuss the tour.

Dancing With Dinner

There are lounges around the city that provide live bands for dancing along with great cuisine. Depending on whether the two of you want a more casual setting or like dressing up, it won’t be hard to find a place with music you both enjoy and plenty of room to dance as long as you like.

Your hi end dating service has done their part. The rest is up to you. Take what you already know from the profiles provided by the Toronto matchmaking service and think about what sort of setting would be ideal for a first date. With a little thought, it won’t be hard to come up with a plan that both of you like and ensure that first meeting gets off to a great start.

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