3 Reasons Why Elite Matchmaking Beats Online Dating Every Time

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“Why should I try an upscale matchmaking consultancy?” It’s a question that many high-achieving people ask if they aren’t familiar with the idea of having their own personal, luxury matchmaker. And it’s an understandable question – so we decided to type this piece out to address this question.

The truth is that today’s world is bursting with ways to “find love” (in theory, at least). You could swipe through your phone, post a personal in Harvard Magazine, browse online dating sites, ask your colleague to set you up – or look to your very own matchmaker.

But because there is such a flurry of options available to the modern-day dater of good taste and good ambition, this also presents a bit of a dilemma. With so many different options, what should an intelligent, efficiency-minded, and time-conscious individual choose?

Matchmaking-just-for-the-elite decisively cuts through this clutter with a take on love-finding that online dating sites simply cannot live up to. And while online dating sites might be fine for the non-game-changers in the world, those who are driven, passionate, and unstoppable are better off with their own personal matchmaker.

So, with that said, here are 3 reasons why “the elite” are choosing personal, boutique matchmaking over online dating services (and why you should, too).

  • A human, in-the-flesh matchmaker is significantly better than an automated online dating platform in detecting charisma, personal magnetism, compassion, and other ineffable, non-quantifiable (but very real) character traits that contribute so profoundly to the spontaneous chemistry between two people.


  • With a matchmaker, you save time because you’re guaranteed dates. With online dating, you can send a whole slew of messages and STILL not get a single good date (as Emily Lyons noted here, a guy once had to contact 600 women online before he landed a single date).


  • Just planning for – and setting up – a date over cyberspace can take time and be a hassle. For example, the two of you need to mutually agree on a location; and reservations might have to be made; and on and on. But if a high-end matchmaking consultancy is on the search for love on your behalf, they’ll take the time to plan your dates in advance for you – if you so wish.


It’s simple, really. With your own personal matchmaker, you have an enormous amount of control over how much time you invest in your quest for love. And that control is the power to live life the way you want to.

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