3 Amazing Spots in Toronto for a Summer Date

Dating Toronto

Summer is upon us in Toronto.

And maybe for you this is a Summer of Love, filled with exciting dates, good food, and thought-provoking conversations.

Now, needless to say, your summer dating experience in the 6ix can be even further elevated by choosing great spots for going out on a date.

Which is to say: this summer, consider making your way to any of these 3 spots for an amazing date.


  1. La Fenice

La Fenice Toronto


What It Is: Walk past La Fenice and you might catch a whiff of fresh pasta bathed in garlic and olive oil – and other tantalizing aromas that could beguile you into thinking you were strolling through a serene Italian village.

The story behind this humble little Italian restaurant on King Street is as captivating as its dishes are delicious. It was founded in 1984 – in Toronto’s up-and-coming Entertainment District – by Chef Luigi Orgera, who came to Canada from Italy shortly after World War II.

Every menu item at La Fenice was – and is – utterly Italian, thanks to the recipes Chef Luigi brought with him when he came to Toronto. In fact, he was so dedicated to his passion of Italian cuisine that he drizzled his dishes with olive oil created in his home village. He prepared every plate with the utmost care, even going to the local markets – every day – to handpick the most nourishing, most fresh ingredients.

Chef Luigi can no longer be seen at La Fenice, having passed away in 2000. But his delectable, enchanting dishes can still be savored here because the ristorante’s current chef – Chef Rocco, a first-rate culinary maestro – is expertly preserving La Fenice’s Italian heritage.    

Why Go on a Date Here: It’s a beautifully romantic spot for any date – it’s a hands down authentic Italian restaurant, after all – and the ambiance makes it easy to converse with your date (no loud music to dampen your hearing here). It’s also situated near exciting hubs of activity – such as theatres and Toronto’s Fashion District – so you (and your date) can satisfy both your appetite and your summer night wanderlust. And the food at La Fenice? It’s divine.


  1. Richmond Green

Toronto Dating


What It Is: Richmond Green is a park in Richmond Hill, outfitted with a hockey and ice skating rink, trails, ponds, and lots of grassy space for a picnic.

Why Go on a Date Here: Richmond Green has lovely gardens which overlook a waterfall – a gorgeous spot for a relaxing picnic with your date. And if the summer heat ever gets a bit much, you two can cool down in the ice skating rink.


  1. The One Eighty Lounge

The One Eighty Lounge


What It Is: The One Eighty is a food-and-cocktails lounge located in Toronto’s Manulife Centre. What makes it really special, though, is the panoramic city vistas that greet the eye here (the lounge sits on the 51st floor of the building).

Why Go on a Date Here: Sometimes, romantic summer evenings call for majestic views of a sparkling city – set against the backdrop of the setting sun. So head here if you and your date want to heed that call.  

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